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Surely it wouldn't be it couldn't be that hard to built a better youtube and seed it with quality content. I'm surprised nobody has succeeded.

Is it just that the costs of serving video require an enormous company or is it that the term youtube is basically synonymous with "internet video".

DailyMotion (and tons of others) is one but really it was a timing thing, YouTube hit at the right time regarding media and another technological advancement at the time, flash video.

Before Flash video, before html5 video, video was very difficult on the web to make work, the small yet pretty good codecs that the flash player video had were revolutionary at the time (Back in Macromedia days). Flash compression was always one of the best even though it was mostly software, still swf files are compressed/streamed in a very compact way.

Those specifically timed events won't happen again the same way, Youtube was born at the cusp of social media and the technology that made video economical enough. Youtube wouldn't be known as it is without that Flash video moment in history.

uh, you mean like Vimeo?

Vimeo is not a Youtube alternative. Vimeo is to Youtube what Hacker News is to reddit. Vimeo is a nice video platform for creative projects, they do not allow a large amount of the content that Youtube does (no gaming videos, no dumb cat videos) and so it's not really suitable to replace Youtube.

There are other alternatives though, dailymotion.com is fairly popular and will accept anything.

I'm not sure you can have both high quality content and a zero barrier to entry. I actually think YT does an okay job surfacing some decent content for folks on the homepage, especially when you're logged in. I seem to anecdotally find the "related" sidebar more useful in recent times as well.

dm's player and overall speed is unfortunately way behind youtube.

Vimeo is terrible, very anti gamer, to.the point they ban developers that put trailer videos on their service. I am personally very happy that YouTube now match Vimeo quality and happily hosts my trailers for me.

According to Vimeo's guidelines, you just can't upload gameplay videos. It says specifically you can upload first party videos but need to mark them to avoid deletion. With the huge community of video gamers on YouTube, I don't even get why you'd want to put that video on Vimeo.


You were the one suggesting Vimeo as an alternative to YouTube. And that's one of the reasons why Vimeo isn't a viable alternative.

When gameplay got forbidden, there was no such guideline, and YouTube did not supported HD, so Vimeo was popular for trailers, but their anti game stance drove everyone away, including first parties.

Basically. I like Vimeo better than youtube but it doesn't seem to get used as much.

The front page of vimeo isn't as good though. It tells you about vimeo itself rather than giving you a large search bar and a bunch of content like youtube does.

Yeah you are right on about that. I always wondered why they aren't more friendly to their own content for nonusers because they're very friendly to discovery when you're logged in.

I think it doesn't get used as much though because they will pull content if you're just posting videos of your friend doing cartwheels or something. There is a higher barrier to entry but they also only want very high quality HD or serious commercial or educational content.

I wonder whether they aren't more forward about discovery to save on bandwidth money.

Vimeo is nice on the web, but they're garbage at mobile. YouTube has an excellent mobile app on both major mobile platforms and is supported on popular TV additions like AppleTV/Chromecast.

Vimeo really needs to step up their mobile game.

This used to be true, but what issues are you having with mobile? Since Android support was added, I've had few issues with it.

Really? In my opinion the Vimeo Android app is abysmal. The design isn't responsive at all, it looks third party and unprofessional. To be fair, it's much better on iOS - but still outclassed by YouTube.

Oh I actually haven't looked at the app, I was just talking about embedded video. I'm sure you're right about that, Android clients tend to lag way behind.

Someone has. They're called the content creators. For some reason Youtube has gone to war with the people who make it a good place to go, people who've worked for years building their channel's reputation, content and style. Now youtube are systematically pulling it all down, real name coment issue aside.

Blip.tv tried this for many years. They recently sold for a small sum.

If they couldn't do it, it's unlikely anyone else can.

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