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I've pretty much given up. Google has deleted my playlists and favorites countless times. Every time they try to integrate YouTube with one of their services/account management, I end up losing everything.

My only consolation is that Google+ is accumulating a lot of vitriol and hate across the web. It's shaping up to be the most hated "social" product in the entire Internet.

> My only consolation is that Google+ is accumulating a lot of vitriol and hate across the web. It's shaping up to be the most hated "social" product in the entire Internet.

Maybe a little offtopic: I have multiple GMail accounts that I use. Now (since maybe 2 weeks?) after logging out and trying to log in with a different acc I get a 'account chooser' dialog where I can only select accounts I have linked to my person. To get the 'enter email / password' prompt I have to turn on private browsing or delete all cookies.

Maybe someone from Google reads this: Please add a small link (or a different easy to access way) to completely log out. There are accounts that I don't want to link together. (Hint: Google Apps for Business)

Yeah that's frustrating. I worked around it by using Chrome profiles. I have a personal profile and a work profile and they are each logged into the respective accounts. In truth, I actually really like it and would continue to do so even if Google fixed that PITA linking thing.

I've never had this happen and I've had a YouTube account for a while. This honestly sounds like a bug of some sort. Have you found other people experiencing this?

Yep, totally happened to me. Lost 100+ subscriptions. Had to find and re-add everything I follow by hand.

Also, had a fun bug recently with the G+ Page/Profile bullshit where I deleted my Youtube Channel account so it would stop asking about G+ integration at the cost of no longer being able to post videos or comments. (However, jokes on me, as they just forcibly integrated my G+ with Youtube ONE WEEK after I explicitly deleted my Channel account to prevent exactly that from happening. Thanks, Google.) It didn't erase all of my subscriptions, but it made them all nonfunctional. My feed was completely empty despite the channels having many new videos, so I had to drop and re-add all of my subs to fix the feed.

I take solace in the fact that this most recent forced integration and re-purposing of G+ posts has been an unmitigated disaster.

It's very entertaining to see videos a few years old just FULL of G+ Posts, not Youtube Comments, from people who don't even realize those posts were public years ago. And now they're getting tons of attention of G+ posts through the Youtube website from mean and vicious Youtube commenters.

It's basically the exact opposite of what Google used to stand for online, with regards to privacy, safety and respect for users.

Yes, there has always been people complaining in forums. I've seen steps to recover some of the lost stuff, but I no longer bother. My original account predates the Google acquisition and I lost everything when they made the username -> Google Account transition years ago.

Probably my fault because I always decline these things until Google forces the integration upon us anyway.

This same exact thing happened to me as well (same scenario, kept declining until I woke up to find that google merged my accounts without me accepting) last week. Although I magically got my lists back after a few days, it still pisses me off that google forced the transition on me.

They did not really. You can still go back by thumbnail>switch accounts.

Could be a bug that was fixed but that was the first thing I tried and it didn't work. Even now I get buggy behavior with things like preferences. I set as many things to private as possible after the merge in addition to my language (don't live in the US). Yet I occasionally get popups asking if I want a new subscription to be shared publically or made private. And I get told that my lang has been set to English for me even though I live in Japan which I'm well aware of cause I set it myself already.

Amateurs :)

Myself, having already been thru a Google domain account merge fiasco, when confronted with the gaccount merge at YouTube just created a new useless account.

you can keep saying no. they keep pleading for me to use my "real" name and I keep switching it back to my artist name.

its amazing that they host video by artists and yet do not allow the artists to use their artist names. all in the name of stamping out comment wars.

I had a good discussion somewhere here about names in relation to medical records. What it boiled down to was that one can never assume that someone has a name that stays the same, is of any set length, has any set format, and restriction on length, number of words, capitalisation etc. These facts cause havoc in unprepared systems (read as every system I have ever used). The fact that Google tries to pin this problem down is laughable - but I guess they have as good or better chance than anyone else at getting it right. <glares at GE, Philips, Kodak, Intellirad>

You can make a Google+ page with any name you want. If you have a brand that is not your actual name, you can manage it as a page.

I was hesitant to share this video[1] on HN, but I came upon this in my research when the same thing happened to me.

[1] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ccxiwu4MaJs

Edit: NSFW- language/curse words.

Same here, I declined and got "virtually killed", no more playlist etc. Another short story. helped someone unknown become really famous. Got a DMCA takedown notice on all my videos, that's the "thank you". The best part is that the file I uploaded had no license, nothing. As said that artist was completely unknown. I thought about fighting back, then just said.. f* off.. I'll wipe and shut this account down. Not worth it.. She had barely 100visitors or less in total for years, had to delete her vids with some hundred million visits..

If it has no license, that means it's copyrighted. Everything is copyrighted by default.

For completeness sake, you should probably have posted her followup: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQSaGfsWamw

Turns out she was completely wrong about having lost her data, the UI was just confusing in such a way that she thought she had. Don't get me wrong, that kind of confusing UI is very much Google's Problem, but "confusing UI" and "lost all my videos" are _very_ different in magnitude.

Thanks for sharing that. Pretty stark example of how Google is screwing up YouTube.

Yep, YouTube accounts are used in the apps shipped with smart TVs. Move to Google+ made it pretty much impossible to populate the playlists in a computer/phone to watch it later on a Vizio TV app. The app doesn't accept Google+ logins, and the data under YouTube login (playlists, subscriptions, watch it later) has been wiped out.

Never happened to me either, but I don't have a G+ account with the Google account I use for YouTube and have said "no" every time they have suggested I change to a real name or when they suggested some other change.

Most people seem to hit trouble when they have a G+ account or have accepted any of the changes that Google suggests. Which is really lousy user experience and Google should really know better.

So far, keeping out of G+ has kept things usable for me on Google. I am heavily dependent on Gmail, consume a lot of content on YouTube and use Keep extensively. There is a different G+ account that I use for Hangouts for work.

But I don't see things getting better from hereon. In fact, I fully expect Google to mess this up even more and I am saying that as a fan of the company. That's the day I'll pack up and leave. It has been a good 10-year run, and all good things have to come to an end someday!

"The most hated social product in the entire Internet" is a pretty big claim. I personally have never had a single problem with G+, though I've had plenty of issues with Facebook.

My YouTube and G+ accounts merged just fine, and I've never lost a playlist, favorite, submission, comment, or anything else.

I'll add to the claim, but note that I dislike Facebook and LinkedIn more. I don't use G+ or Facebook. Way too many services try to force you to login via Facebook and make username/password login hard to find and use. This isn't Facebook's fault, however I'm sure that they like this and encourage it. LinkedIn is a mega spammer and earns runner up spot in the dislike charts from me for this. The pressure to use G+ comes from Google alone in my experience, so it's predictable when the messages will come, so they only make 3rd spot.

I like G+, nobody told me that I had to jump on the hate bandwagon

I hate Google+, I'm sending back my Nexus 5, it's useless without Google+.

What are the issues? I've been considering getting a Nexus 5, but I don't use any Google services (perhaps besides the Google Play store). Will it be a brick?

I don't understand, why would it be a brick? Using an Android without Google's services is totally fine. For each Google service or app, there are plenty of alternatives available.

The only pain point you can have is if you refuse to use Google Play for installing apps. Well, Android allows you to install apps from third-party app stores or websites (e.g. Amazon's App Store), but most devs are on Google Play.

I'm a heavy Google services user, however I'm using lately K-9 Mail instead of the GMail client, because K-9 does encryption. I'm also using OsmAnd+ in addition to Google's Maps. I don't even have Google+ installed (though I do have a Google+ enabled account).

oh yeah kdot, please tell us about it. I was also going to buy my first smartphone and thought it should be a nexus, because google updates them more often and I could more easily find hacked firmware.

I honestly do not know what Nexus 5 feature or functionality wouldn't work without a Google+ account, and that's from someone that bought the phone on release day.

Can you send SMS without logging into Google+?

I've read reviews saying that SMS has been integrated into Hangouts.

Of course you can. Hangouts shows your Google contacts if you have any, otherwise it's just a text messaging app like any other.

And if you don't like the Hangouts app for some reason, you can easily replace it with one of the many SMS apps out there.

Can you explain? I've been able to use my Nexus 5 without directly interacting w/ Google+ at all.

The only place I could think of where the integration is jarring is the photo uploading feature, but I've simply told Dropbox to do it instead.

What can't you do without Google+?

If you bought an expensive smartphone-cum-tablet just for that one app, then you might want to reconsider your purchase decision making process!

I think you misunderstood. They didn't buy it _for_ Google+, they're suggesting that without a Google+ account the experience on a Nexus 5 is so bad that they wish they hadn't bought it.

Is this not the case with all three big players in the smartphone market? I don't have an iphone but my ipod sure seems useless without an account with Apple. It's the same account I use for itunes, apps on my macbook pro, and their developer network. I presume MSFT has a similar situation with a live account. People are just upset because their Google account happens to have some social features to it. I've personally never seen anything force me to post anything on G+, it just sort of comes with my gmail account. It's completely non-intrusive. The fact that it's associated with a social network I don't use is inconsequential. It's also associated with their news and finance products which I don't use. The only nuisance that has ever come up is when some app wants to authenticate with google it wants to know all about my circles or whatever. This is pretty much the exact same behavior as what comes with facebook authentication except with G+ circles I can tell it not to share all my circles.

> People are just upset because their Google account happens to have some social features to it.

And that isn't worrying to you? People can add you to their G+ circles and there's no way to stay hidden. So Google gets to collect all the information about people you associate with in order to sell your personal info better (to the NSA, among others)

If it worried me particularly I'd simply not have a Google device. If a distrust in a G+ account was enough to put me off then letting their code handle my phone and tablet in general would be a no-no for me too.

I'm under no illusions that there is much I can do to stop Google tracking me, occasionally pushing stuff at me addverts and so forth), and trying to "lock me in" where possible, as I use my stock Android devices. I'm sure both MS and Apple either d the same sort of thing or will as soon as opportunity presents itself.

I'm not saying it is right of course, just that if it is a particular problem for you then it should inform your decisions before buying a device. Also I suspect buying and returning devices as a form of protest is not seen the same on relevant internal reports, and is likely to inconvenience your retailer more than the manufacturer, so if you wish to protest the behaviour you will find simply not buying to be more effective.

No, people could always have said things about me and I'd have no way of stopping them.

I also had my playlists and favorites deleted during a Youtube/Google merge. Quite annoying. I should have used backups.

These days, you need a Google+ account to back it up. As I don't have one, I'm pretty boned ...

Gotta love that lock-in.

I lost my entire YouTube account that I had for three years and got it replaced with a Google+ account. No favorites, likes are gone, playlists have been removed, and my videos are now on a separate channel that's linked to my Gmail. So when somebody searches my username, they won't be able to find anything.

Seriously, Google, if you're going to make shitty changes to the second-largest website in the world, at the least make sure user data is preserved.

My account just disappeared one day, I was getting some error page that I am not eligible to make an account, didn't even do anything just watched videos. Everything is gone and now I am tied to G+. I don't like Google anymore but I never cared for their products to begin with. Gmail is the only thing I use, maybe its time for me to find something else.

Forgetting Buzz?

Things have to be known before they can be hated.

No. Things can be hated if someone is forcing to know them.

Buzz didn't keep hassling me when I was trying to use youtube.

I loved Buzz

Buzz was actually a nice bare-minimum functionality of social networking - lite Twitter. Plus is Google trying to consolidate some monstrosity of everythign Google Social into one space.

Buzz was fine, if ugly. The only real problem with Buzz was how they leaked private GMail information.

I made playr.me. Make your playlists, rearrange them, bookmark them, share them. Haven't worked on it for a few months mostly because I'm happy with what it does... although I will fix a few minor bugs and add a couple of features soon.

I'm using http://musicplayr.com for playlists and favorites and it works really well even across YT, Soundcloud and some others

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