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Having no experience with startups, I gotta say that I have some sympathy and it sounds horrible, however, what does this have to do with beer? I read the whole story and you had one friday night, after hours, with beer, and you didn't partake as you are a teetotaler. That's fine. I didn't see any other references to that fact, so I'm confused how it has anything to do with the story. It doesn't sound like they have beer there every day and you were let go because you didn't drink. Just one instance where you were questioned about a single party (which is none of their business, IMO).

I agree that one party night with beer doesn't really add up to a 'culture of beer'. I was hoping for a much more gripping tale of a beer-oriented office.

I've worked for a start-up which definitely had a "beer culture." It sucked. Some people should not be allowed to mix beer with work. Especially if they're a VP.

It's well-known in startup circles that companies provide food/soda/beer to their developers in the hope that they'll work harder.

It's a bargain, from the company's POV. For $5 worth of pizza per person, you can easily get $200 worth of overtime. That is why it is so hilarious when CFOs cut perks like that to save money. Actually that is an alarm bell: it means the management of your company do not get it.

Yea, it probably wasn't the best title, but in terms of "beer nights", they were more frequent than 1, I just don't want to ramble on and on.

Makes sense. From the sound of things I have to say that I'm very glad I don't work in a startup, or at least a startup like that place. I even enjoy beer (please though, don't assume I'm a 'brogrammer'), but can't imagine having to go to parties with my coworkers and being judged if I don't drink, or drink too much, etc.

Also, those hours, ugh.

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