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Sorry, but I must be missing something - what/where is the actual endorsement? Did they run an article about this?

There isn't one, but only a small percentage of the outraged readers will have bothered to click through and discover this for themselves.

A good agreement would lower duties and trade barriers on most products and services, strengthen labor and environmental protections, limit the ability of governments to tilt the playing field in favor of state-owned firms and balance the interests of consumers and creators of intellectual property. Such a deal will not only help individual countries but set an example for global trade talks.

from http://www.nytimes.com/2013/11/06/opinion/a-pacific-trade-de...

That's the sort of agreement they would like to see. Whether or not that's the sort of agreement that emerges from the TPP negotiations remains to be seen. One assumes they would be unenthusiastic about an agreement that did not include such elements.

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