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You pair with people you like and do code reviews with people you don't like (misquoted from someone way smarter than me).

With large teams, especially if distributed or partially outsourced, code reviews can ensure code quality. But also be a total bottle neck if over-bureaucratic and some reviews are of low quality due to lack of context. Often combined with ivory tower architects as well.

In smaller, agile and especially collocated teams code reviews will flag issue unnecessarily late in the process. Just pair from the start instead to ensure no short cuts or dodgy code slips through, and automatically spread the knowledge. If you do not trust two of your developers combined then you do have a serious problem.

You can though in addition have small and short swarming/tripling/quadrupling sessions in front of 1 computer to look at especially important issues.

If you do neither code reviews nor pairing then you are in trouble.

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