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I Love the idea! really. I just don't like all the UX yet. Some things feel ... off. It might be something personal. I'm not sure. But I guess it's interesting to discuss. "Drops are distilled Decks" The words feel semantically mismatched for some reason. If I think "Deck"I don't think "Config". If I think "Drop" I don'think "Deployable stuff" and I don't see how a "Distilled deck" is a "drop". Also it feels odd that I can create a "New deck" in the "instances" section.

though adding "cards" to a "deck" sounds intuitive.

I'm trying to come up with better terminology. something with ships and containers...

One thing that surprised me...

When I created a Deck (default Sinatra Hello World) and converted it to a Drop, it did just that: it removed the Deck and created a Drop.

I guess I thought it would keep the Deck so that I could see the configuration that I had chosen to create it. Is this a Docker thing where, once you've created it, you don't see the config any longer? I don't think it is but I've not honestly played with Docker yet. $5 a month is a low ask for me to try it out.

Also, when it comes time to pay for a Deck/Drop and you don't have credit card info saved, it forwards you to that page... but, after entering the info, you're not put back into the process. You're dumped back into the Deck page. That seemed odd to me... wasn't sure if it had been converted or not.

I wish the word 'manifest' wasn't used in so many contexts because, if you're going to stick with the container shipping analog, it would have made more sense to have Manifests, Containers and Ships. That's just me though... who knows. ;)

All in all, cool service. Look forward to playing around with it this weekend.

EDIT: I see that you can create a copy of the Deck that created a Drop... still seems odd that the default behavior is to blow it away upon creation of a Drop.

Appreciate the feedback - thanks - point taken and we'll fix this.

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