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> We’re using dedicated because running virtual containers on virtual instances seems nuts to us.

but a traceroute points to AWS…

building a virtualization infrastructure on top of another, black box virtualization infrastructure…

What could possibly go wrong?

Hey, it worked for Heroku.

It kind of works for Heroku. Every few months I see the Hacker News post "Why/how we moved away from Heroku."

Those are still virtual, just no one else is on your box.

A traceroute of their blog, or a server you just spun up? They don't necessarily have to eat their own dogfood.

If you offer infrastructure services and don't eat your own dogfood you can't be serious.

If you offer infrastructure services and don't tell people where and how you provide it, you can't be serious, too.

But if you host your site on your infrastructure, and it goes down, you can't post status updates to tell people what's going on/ when you will be back online. Its quite reasonable to not host your own homepage or mechanism of updating your customers IMO.

I disagree. Your website should run on your own infrastructure and a separate status page, under a different (sub)-domain should be operated from another AS (autonomous system) e.g. statuspage.io or whatever you like/prefer.

Blog and lots of Copper tools hosted on AWS. Stackdock on dedicated (not AWS or other IaaS) hardware.

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