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Great initiative! One thing to be aware is that Docker is using LXC for containers and LXC relies on kernel isolation and cgroup limits. The concern is about the vulnerabilities.

It is comforting that Heroku is also using LXC for dynos. Would be interesting to know how much in-house adjustments to the kernel and LXC has been made to ensure the hardening.

I work at ActiveState on Stackato, which is a private Platform as a service. Similar to Heroku, only for private hosting (e.g. you host it on your own hardware or hypervisor). We use Docker as of our v3 beta release today (http://beta.stackato.com/). Our use of docker in 3.0+ means that we bring their tuned security along with us (they integrate with apparmor really well, in fact they require it to start up a container). Here's a really good overview of LXC (and docker) security in general: http://blog.docker.io/2013/08/containers-docker-how-secure-a...

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