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If you buy TWTR stock, what are you investing in exactly?

A next-generation media company that has millions of people in its database that can be communicated to, almost instantly about any subject you desire.

That only matters if you can get a payoff when you communicate with them. As of now, Twitter advertising is very ineffective at gathering paying customers. I'm not saying there's no way it can work, and I think they can be profitable, but it's got a long way to go.

A lot of money has been made by those savvy enough to know how to use Twitter to promote a campaign. I think thats worth quite a lot in itself, and if anyone is geared to understand how these campaigns work, its the people at Twitter with access to all the statistics ..

the person you sell TWTR to later, buys it off you at a higher price. I don't think you're buying TWTR for the dividend, you're looking for the capital gain.


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