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Great work and research; horrible submission headline.

The news here is that, in addition to the huge market for traditional DBs, postgres is going to compete in a serious way on MongoDB's home turf. As that becomes more apparent, it will validate postgres's flexability/adaptability and cast doubt over special-purpose database systems and NoSQL.

MongoDB still has a story around clustering, of course. But that story is somewhat mixed (as all DB clustering stories are); and postgres is not standing still on that front, either.

(Disclaimer: I'm a member of the postgres community.)

> MongoDB still has a story around clustering, of course.

Well, mostly. Except for when it doesn't, especially when it comes to partitions.


Hey Jeff, been a postgresql fan for a long time, but clustering is my number one issue. What is coming down the pipe for clustering/replication for PostgreSQL?

Logical replication will be a big deal over the next couple releases. I'm not sure exactly what will be available when, but I know that god foundations are being built now.

Jeff, first, thanks for the response and I'm heartened by what you say.

If I could suggest, please look at ease of configuring replication in MongoDB. If you make it that easy, even if it's just for the JSON stores, I know that maybe you can't make it easy for relational tables, I will move my product to PostgreSQL in a heartbeat.

I have used and promoted PostgreSQL throughout my career, but I'm currently stuck with having to deliver HA in a product for redistribution to customers and Slony can't cut it for our use cases, it's too complicated. I think the key is that we are a vendor and we need to provide a database with our products, so it's not me that's responsible for configuring HA, it's our users. And replication is what I'm concerned about 90% of the time, not necessarily horizontally scaling out (i.e. we're not using sharding in 90% of our cases, we just need HA).

"I'm currently stuck with having to deliver HA in a product"

Have you looked at streaming replication in postgres?

http://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.3/static/high-availability.... http://www.postgresql.org/docs/9.3/static/warm-standby.html#...

I'm not sure what level of expertise your customers are at, so this might not work for you. But it seems like a better fit than slony at least.

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