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Income statements:


About $553 million in revenue in the last year, with spending of $668 million.

Give me $1.20 cash. I spend. I make $1.00 of sales. I hero!

About -0.20 net? Is accounting detail. Instead, please to look at sales growth. Give me more cash, I grow more sales. I entrepreneur!

I meet investment bankers. We go to club. Many strippers. I give them $1.00 from sales. Everyone happy.

Welcome you invest now! You welcome!

I'm personally shocked they have that much revenue. Is it just selling ads?

I'm amazed how much they're spending. What are they paying for?

2000 employees.

I'm more interested to hear why does twitter need 2000 employees?

Who what, make 200k a piece?

With taxes and benefits, it's not that far off. Plus office space for them, computers for them, a whole host of other perks.

And they say this isn't another tech bubble...

50x trailing revenue... This is terrifying. When was the last time we've seen valuations at 50x revenue for a $1bn+ company?

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