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Nice work. I've also recently released my first Mac app [0] and I'm working on getting the word out about it by making it free, the idea being that if it's known by people, it can be spread through word-of-mouth, especially if it becomes indispensable. GitHub's API currently reports 600 users, and I'm working on increasing that to 1000 before making it a paid app and marketing it.

Nice to see both approaches here; I wonder which truly works better in the long run.

[0]: http://issuepostapp.com/

Really liking the app. Also enjoyed the "free for a limited time", adds a bit of a time component where you download it quickly and then maybe get hooked to it for when you have to pay later on.

Thanks! Totally agreed, I think that psychologically, 'free for a limited time' makes people have to make a decision on whether they want it now or not, which is an interesting behavior.

Great landing page, although it would be handy to be able to replay the video. There is a lot happening there and I didn't catch everything at first.

Good call, I'll try to work on adding a replay button to the page—though since there's so few elements already and one more may break the balance of it. Thanks for the feedback!

I've been using your app a little bit since I saw it mentioned on HN. Really well done. It's simple, intuitive, and gets out of the way as soon as I'm done using it. Thanks.

Thank you! This is amazing to hear—those qualities of the app (simple, intuitive, gets out of the way) are exactly the points that I want to target, so I'm really glad that it's hitting on those. Cheers for the feedback.

I love your landing page. I know exactly what it does, how it provides value, and will look it up again if I ever find myself creating lots of Github issues.

Thank you! I worked on making it highly targeted so people knew exactly what it does as quickly as possible, so I'm glad that it got across.

That intro video says it all. Beautifully done.

Thanks a ton! I tried to make the intro video simple yet deliver the message effectively, and it's good to hear that folks get it.

looks great! Love the simplicity of the landing page too. Though I'm a little unsure why you have the reddit page in your video? Did you mean that with your tool, you'd save lots of time (to waste?). I personally find it distracting and misleading.

Thanks! Haha, the Reddit bit was just to put in a gag that I feel like a lot of programmers will recognize, nothing more.

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