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I would love to know more about FT's, along with FFT's and how they help with for example signal processing or finding a signal when looking at a sample or multiple samples of a SDR.

Are there any good books/papers/web articles on this topic that are accessible? I often find myself reading papers where some of the math goes over my head.

Something with examples/code (code makes me understand math so much easier!) would be fantastic!

Richard Lyons - Understanding Digital Signal Processing

Focuses more on explaining the concepts behind the math than presenting a wall of theorems. Given that math is the language of DSP though, there's still a reasonable amount of math.

It assumes the reader has an EE or similar background, but I think it's still fairly approachable regardless. Given that my own background is in EE/embedded systems though, I'm not sure what my opinion counts for there.

I have taken classes in electrical engineering and embedded systems, so I am fairly familiar with them.

I will take a look at the book, thanks!

I'm sorry, but what's an SDR?

Software Defined Radio

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