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If your into software and you don't know a out fourior transform, your not into software. this is something programmers without math will discover, along with Pythagorean theorem and basic trig. Otherwise, you are an over-hyped semantic duck-taper.

This needs to be upvoted rather than downvoted.

I disagree.

It's needlessly inflammatory and misspelt throughout. (Some people just have trouble spelling, and that's fair enough. But writing "a out" instead of "about" and not fixing it is just lazy and disrespectful to readers.

AsymetricCom would probably have got a different response had s/he written something like this instead:

"If you're really into software and want to be more than a semantic duck-taper, you need to know about Fourier transforms. Just like the Pythagorean theorem and basic trig, sooner or later you'll find you need it."

(Note 1. Although I have seen a whole lot of Fourier transforms in my time, I don't agree that you can't be truly "into software" without them. Note 2. It should probably be "duct tape" rather than "duck tape" but (a) the history is really complicated -- see [1] for some details -- and (b) I like the parallel with "duck typing"[2].)

[1] http://www.worldwidewords.org/qa/qa-duc4.htm

[2] If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck. I think the term "duck typing" originated in the Python community, though Python's by no means the only language to have done a lot of things this way.

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