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What's utterly missing in the current environment is an avenue for the mid-risk/mid-growth businesses to get financing. Low-risk/low-growth companies can get bank loans, and high-risk companies have VC, but nothing's in the middle.

Something that reliably grows 25% per year isn't slow, ineffective, or useless. Most people would be thrilled to see 25% annual income growth (or even 10%). It is, after all, exponential growth. But that's a space that no one will finance. These companies are too risky for bank loans or personal funds (for most people) but VCs aren't interested in 20-40 percent per year. What I'd like to see out of the crowdfunding trend is a viable method of financing the mid-growth/mid-risk space.

This space is a natural fit for top programmers, most of whom succeed by continuously growing their capability (measured in value-add potential) by 20 to 40 percent per year-- not being goofy and trendy and hoping to be noticed by Sequoia or TechCrunch, which will probably never happen.

Here are some earlier thoughts I had on this issue: http://michaelochurch.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/gervais-macle...

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