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I'm personally far more angry with Congress utterly failing in their oversight role, and to some extent with the judiciary for becoming at best a rubber stamp, than with NSA. The President (pretty much from LBJ onward, but even farther back) is also fairly complicit in this, but that part is accelerating.

I would probably be a single-issue voter if a candidate for congress were likely to win and was aligned with me on this issue but opposed on virtually everything else.

One essentially-fantasy is to run for Congress directly. Unfortunately I haven't lived my entire life to my mid-30s in trying to become a viable political candidate, so this would be difficult. Central or Eastern WA is probably the best bet, along with starting a 50-500 person business which employs a lot of local people (manufacturing of some kind) and generally being an engaged local citizen for a decade or more. But that's a long term goal.

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