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have you seen/heard about mailpile?

Yes I did. I figured out that I should go ahead anyway. More choice is always good, right ?

Yes. Go ahead. Competition is the driver of innovation.

However I am afraid without the opportunity to put a man year work into it, it will be hard to tick all the boxes.

I really hope you succeed, though.

(Disclaimer I am a backer of Mailpile)

Not necessarily. Focusing talent on a collaborative effort can make one great product instead of many not so great ones.

Can you give me the 3 second overview of mailpile?

Would love a gmail alternative for hosting email on various domains. Look at fastmail - but it's not quite what I want yet.

I thought mailpile was a native application rather than a web thing?

It's webmail: http://www.mailpile.is/

It looks like it's a native app with a web UI.

It says 'web-mail' ; they wouldn't say that then would they? Maybe someone here knows more about that?

https://github.com/pagekite/Mailpile says:

> Mailpile has a built-in web server and will eventually include a proper web-based interface for searching, reading and composing e-mail.

I'll have to check it out and work out what it actually is/does sometime.

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