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Just simple big government(s) v.s. big company - happened over and over again in history - remember how powerful Microsoft was in the end of the 90.

Governments don't like challenge to its power. They will find ways to control the Jedi Council.

I really don't think this is that clear cut. On this thread alone, two people have have vouched for their companies that encrypt internal traffic as standard MO (wepay, and another larger than google [by their words]) and considering that some mailing list chatter[0] has pointed out some interesting dynamics (read duplicitous) on the behalf of some companies (among the remarks on here), I wouldn't fool myself with its that simple.

As someone working on a start up now dealing with crowd-sourcing/mining data on people/identities and leaving it public, it's very interesting to see the dynamics play out with online services especially with ones that create the perception of walled gardens vs those that position themselves as inherently public and the flak (or lack thereof) they take from privacy advocates and what not.

[0] http://cryptome.org/2013/10/nsa-hysteria-coverup.htm

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