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That's right. AWS infrastructures costs were already being covered by subscription income. We also had prototypes ready to flesh out to reduce per-user costs as we scale up, but were not at that point yet.

If the only problem was scale... how is it even possible that a VC didn't invest? You had a proven product, fanatically loyal customers (including myself), and unbelievable growth potential. Everpix is a textbook case for venture capital.

Even more amazing to me is why someone like Apple didn't purchase Everpix. They're in desperate need of competent web services, and god knows they have the cash. Of all possible futures for Everpix, I could never have seen outright shuttering as a possibility.

There's two levels to the scale problem: (a) sufficient scale for a successful small business, and (b) sufficient scale to repay a whole VC fund, with interest. VCs agreed that (a) was achievable, but they really need (b) and didn't see that with us.

Tools for private photo collections are important, but don't have the same sort of explosive viral growth curve of, say, a public social network. Even private social networks have a more difficult time scaling up quickly compared to the more open but less privacy-respecting alternatives.

Even so, Everpix is a tool that literally everyone needs -- organization, deduplication, backup, and daily refreshers of all your photos. I was contemplating buying a subscription for my elderly mother, since she has no idea where her pictures are or how to access them. To say nothing of the rest of my social network.

Maybe I'm still in mourning, but if I ran a VC fund, Everpix seems like a sure investment. You certainly had much more potential for growth -- and steady revenue -- than another Instagram clone or internet radio service. And once your growth eclipsed your fixed costs (which could have been reduced further by running your own servers when you reached an appropriate size), you'd be consistently profitable. And since Everpix provided such a valuable service, your customers would advertise on your behalf.

However, even I discovered Everpix only a few weeks ago, just before The Verge published a write-up about cloud photo backups -- and crowned Everpix the winner. You were just reaching a critical mass of followers... I can't help but think Everpix would have been a wild success if it stuck around for just another year.

I've stored a lot of images on Everpix that I actually may not have on other physical media here anymore. Can you confirm that you're going to allow exporting of data? Otherwise I'd set out now and write an export-script that downloads all my data, I'd rather not invest that time though.

The FAQ on the site says that they will build an exporter, and that they will e-mail their users when the tool is ready.

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