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I really liked Everpix as a "fire and forget" method for backing up my photos. It's a shame they're shutting down.

As an alternative I'll probably switch to Dropbox, who have been improving their 'photo upload' features, one of which is the ability to automatically upload from iPhoto (similar to how Everpix did it).

One of my favourite features in Everpix was the "1 year ago today" emails they sent, which picked a few random photos from a year ago and dropped them in my inbox. That was a really nice touch.

It was a 'this day in history' — not only was it one year ago, it was any photo taken on that day. Which was even more awesome. I have 15 year old photos in my library. It was really cool to slowly relive long-passed vacations and trips that way. Very sad to see them go.

Agreed. Getting a daily Everpix Flashback email was the reason I chose to subscribe to Everpix.

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