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Disclaimer: I work for Google

A lot of those comments seem to come from people who had a bad experience and I don't think necessarily reflect the average.

The arrogance part is very true, though. Just take a quick glance at mailing lists like industry-info or eng-misc and you'll see a bunch of condescending assholes looking down on past co-workers and competing companies.

Sometimes I wonder if those people get any work done at all as I always see the same names.

Even during internal presentations we are constantly reminded about how Apple is bad and inferior and Google products are awesome, even if they end up being a buggy pile of shit because internal feedback was ignored.

A lot of managers at Google are great engineers and piss-poor managers with no people skills at all.

Among the young crowd who joined the company straight from college you see the ones who think of Google as a religion and will not accept any criticism at all. There's also the ones who think they're still in college and don't understand simple things such as being mature and respectful with your fellow Googlers.

The latter you can see spending a lot of time posting passive aggressive memes on memegen.googleplex.com

I've been here 3 years and have noticed a big change, for the worst. It got so bad at one point that Urs Holzle had to write a 'No Jerks' manifesto calling out the childish and disrespectful behavior that has, sadly, become so prominent.

Sales are considered second class citizens and a substantial part of engineering despises Social and Android product areas and their leaders.

Despite all that it's still the best place to work, way better then your average corporation.


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