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Unlike most of the posters there, I'm glad he's gone. The world is a better place without him, and maybe now the Lisp community can begin to heal.

It's times like these I wonder why pg put in a cap on downmodding someone.

You may disagree with someone for what they post online, but intolerance like that is uncalled for.

Please read my quote from Naggum elsewhere in this thread. He would have no patience for your point of view!

You seem to be assuming that anyone who doesn't like your Naggum-hating in this thread must agree with Erik Naggum and share his attitudes. This is, to say the least, bizarre.

It is precisely because I think harshness of the sort Erik Naggum sometimes exhibited is generally harmful that I think your comments are objectionable and deserve every bit of downmodding they've received.

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