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gruseom 1764 days ago | link | parent

Naggum, or rather his online persona, was a prominent figure for a few years in certain communities. It's not inappropriate (and just as traditional) to debate someone's public legacy when they die.

neilk 1764 days ago | link

Where did you learn etiquette, FOX News? Yammering endlessly about their "legacy", less than 24 hours after their passing, is not okay, particularly if you're vilifying their memory. That wouldn't be right even if it was a relatively hated public figure, and certainly not for a guy that was just a chronic Usenet poster.

Look, I get it. I concede your point that he said a lot of things that shouldn't have been said.

But you and kragen are basically being trolls now, and if you claim to be the ones who have some respect for empathy and civil discourse, you'll just zip it.


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