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Erik was not a passionate militant; he certainly thought pretty hard, but he wasn't "thoughtful" in the sense of Martin Luther King. He was a bully and a sadist who devoted much of his life to emotional abuse of other people, and he did terrible damage to the Lisp community.

I'll quote briefly from what Erik wrote in http://groups.google.com/group/comp.lang.lisp/browse_thread/... , which someone linked to above:

    I'm overjoyed that I actually hurt your feelings.  I wish I could hurt
    your feelings so much you would commit suicide.  sadly, this has failed, 

    the only thing I regret is that I didn't see your fantastic stupidity as
    a result of your shattered psychology -- it's fairly uncommon to be so
    fucking retarded because of a psychological problem, but clearly, you
    have been immensely stupid all your life, and now that I come and hurt
    your stupid feelings, so you turn on me like a vicious and mad dog -- and
    that's exactly what you are to me: a mad dog in need of a bullet through
    his sick brain before he actually manages to hurt someone or himself.

    do the world a huge favor and commit suicide tonight.
I'm not sure what Janos Blazi did that Erik thought deserved this kind of a response (which he tried to keep private, incidentally; there's no telling how many hundreds of emails like this he may have sent that have never seen the light of day) but I do not see how this "helps keep minds open to his side of things" or how it is a "noble pursuit" or "admirable".

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