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(I didn't downvote you, but I'll try to answer).

I lurked on comp.lang.lisp quite a lot in 1999-2002, and I made a point of reading Erik Naggum's posts on technical topics. Those posts made me feel that I learned something. When I had time, I sometimes read his non-technical posts, too, and most were pretty entertaining, as long as not taken too seriously.

He will be missed.

> He will be missed.

Yes, I get that. What I'm trying to understand is why. Is it really just the usenet postings, or did he do something else that I'm not aware of?

I think that was all, but to those who fervently believe that there is no language superior to Common Lisp, he gave voice to the ... let's call it intense disappointment, of seeing the overwhelming majority of the rest of the world flock to inferior languages. For everyone who had to suffer through yet another numskull saying "Gosh, it's just too many parentheses", he gave delight by excoriating the syntaxes of other languages.

And to those intelligent people who sincerely disagreed with him, he may have looked like just another elitist troll contributing to the intolerant atmosphere that they might believe held back Lisp, but such is the nature of bias, on both sides.

I do think that there are many languages superior to Common Lisp, actually as a good follower of the Bell Labs school of Worse is Better I find CL rather tedious.

Still I will miss him, his rants were often full of wisdom, and his critiques of mainstream software practices were spot on.

His eloquence and clarity of thought is something I can only aspire to.

Because he forced well-intentioned people to _think_ before asking questions. The quality of dialogue increased. Lurkers benefited.

Unfortunately there were many people _without_ good intentions who tried to engage him in dialogue. They got the blowtorch.

I'm only speaking for myself, but that's why I'll miss him. If that's not good enough for you, kindly fuck off.

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