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To announce someone's death in a fucking TWEET is so insulting I actually feel angry.

update: Mod me down all you want, twitter fans. I'll be happy to tweet your deaths as well, if I can fit it in between what I had for breakfast and the funny thing my cat just did.

When my sister died, the reality was that I didn't know everyone that was important to her, so I had to resort to emailing all those she had emailed in a mass mailing she had sent a while back. I also created a web page so that people would find when they searched for her.

If twitter had been around, I would have posted there too.

Years on, I still get email from old friends of hers who found out via the page and want to chat about her to me.

I think you're taking it way too seriously. This is from someone who's never used Twitter.

I'd take it less well if he were in my family, but I'm sure they learned the news first.

Well, I don't think he would mind. He would mind if someone said something stupid about it ;)

If you somehow prevent significant events like this from appearing on twitter, the net effect is that fewer people are aware of them. Is that the outcome you want?

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