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Write it in PHP to start. If it takes off, hire a bunch of devs and rewrite it in Go. I say this as someone who hates PHP and generally likes Go and Javascript.

The biggest question in your business model is not "How do I scale this?" or even "What technology should I use?", but "Will this take off?" If the answer to that is yes, you will have resources to deal with the problems of how to scale it, and you will have more information to answer the question of what technology to use. (In particular, you'll know what your developers want to use; you can give them an ownership stake in the technology decision - which should really be their decision, not yours; you will know exactly what feature set you need to implement and what sort of loads you'll bear; and additional libraries or technologies may have come out in the meantime.)

Usually the biggest factor in development time is how well you know the technologies you're using, not any intrinsic level of productivity with the tools. Different technologies will top out at different levels, and IMHO Go tops out significantly higher than Node.js, which tops out significantly higher than PHP (and at least in the early stages, Python tops out higher than Go). But if your goal is to found a successful company and you know what idea you want to pursue, you are better off investing the time in proving out your business idea than in learning the perfect new technology. (If you don't have a concrete idea, investing in learning a new technology is a pretty good way to pass the time until you do.)

Exactly, and I'm in the same situation and we decided to go with PHP (as much as I loathe it) because any cheap hosting has PHP enabled in their base offerings. If things kickup and our idea is validated and we can hire some devs, then we will use something else.

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