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100k visitors per day is 4k visitors/hour is 1.2 visitors/s. Suppose each visitor clicks on 10 pages (that is very high) and you get a total of 12 requests/s. Now even assuming much higher load during peak hours you're still looking at max 100 requests/s.

My point is that that kind of traffic is truly minuscule. As long as you set it up correctly and use a decent cache it will handle the load fine. Any platform you choose and hosting for ~$200/month will be enough.

You're assuming that all the visits are evenly distributed over the day. I doubt that assumption will hold...

No, I explicitly assumed peak loads about 10 times the average, 100 reqs/s instead of 12 reqs/s..

100k/day is far from 4k/hour

You need to explain traffic spikes and lulls, because right now your argument looks ridiculous.

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