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The Sexiest Startup CEOs Alive (businessinsider.com)
5 points by sambeau 1502 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

I feel I have to make this clear: I submitted this because I'm appalled by it and I feel it merits discussion by the startup community — not because think it is a worthy piece of journalism.

I find it shameful that this is the one time I've read about all the female CEOs shown here: all 19 of them.

Edit: Miscounted 20 female CEOS but there's 19.

They forgot Jeri Ellsworth of Technical Illusions and Tan Le of Emotiv, as usual. Not much journalism if they can't keep up with the news. What does sex have to do with startups anyway?

I think it's what does sex have to do with getting clicks? And the answer is, a lot.

This isn't journalism. Celeb gossip rag fodder at best...

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