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Show HN: travel.meteor.com: clone of mywanderlust in Meteor
18 points by aioprisan on Nov 2, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 16 comments
The basis of this project is a discussion started earlier today about a wonderful, open source project: http://mywanderlust.co/ The discussion thread: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=6653827

My claim was that a project that took weeks or months to implement in RoR and Angular could be completely implemented in Meteor in 1 hour or so. My statements were not meant to attack the original author because he did a great job thinking out the UI, user flows and structure of the project, which I simply copied. Many users got angry at my claims and downvoted me, challenging me to prove my assertion.

Meteor is perfect for this type of rapid prototyping and I wanted to show the community what could be completed in 1 hour (56 minutes to be precise) on a Friday evening after work.

As promised, I cloned the functionality of the showcased project in Meteor in 1 hour. Finished product: https://travel.meteor.com Source code: https://github.com/andreioprisan/meteor-trave

I'd love to get some feedback or answer any questions about the project or Meteor.

That is a bizarre statement claiming "I am implemented this in days what was taken by a team of people over Months"

Similar to the Pintreest clones copying the original site design and idea

Finding an Idea, working out the idea, design and workflow takes time, after which a clone like you can copy it in days....

Again, I think you're missing the point of this cloning process. My entire point was that while yes, there is considerable thought and consideration going into actually coming up with the user flows, interface etc., the best platform from an ease and speed of development for this type of real-time web application would be something like Meteor. I then proceeded to put my money (or time, in this case) where my mouth is, by building out the entire clone in 1 hour. I never stated nor would think that conceptualizing everything would only take 1 hour, not even close; however, the development speed in doing things in Meteor if you know how to use it and have built a few projects compared to the same thing in RoR and Angular.. well, it speaks for itself. Not months, not weeks, not days. Hour(s).

I'm getting the same error message as rywalker.

In the console, I'm getting this:

The page at https://travel.meteor.com/trip/2f64d588f9e05193ef5fd022a4a00... displayed insecure content from http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/staticmap?center=51.5112.... 2f64d588f9e05193ef5fd022a4a004f8:1 insert failed: Access denied

Indeed, this was a bug. I included http:// to get the map image when in fact it needed //, since when hosted on meteor.com it defaults to https. This is now fixed in the repo.

I think I saw your comment was kind of hoping you showed the guy who replied that he or she was wrong.

With Meteor it kind of becomes that the bottleneck is the lack of clarity in the idea. What I mean is if you know exactly what you want to do (design and all) its pretty much a 1 day job tops.

Wow, it looks like over 20k API calls were made any my API key won't work anymore. http://imgur.com/b6ZnAyc That's a lot of traffic in such a short period of time. Let me get a few more API keys..

just checked how many LOC each project had, only counting the lines in .js, .html, .rb, and .erb files for each project, I got this number

952 LOC - Meteor Travel 4068 LOC - MyWanderLust (Ruby on Rails/Angular)

The numbers speak for themselves

I just trimmed another hundred or so lines. There was some leftover CSS that got copied over from a different project.

Doesn't seem to be working for me - just get message "we dispatched the elves to get your trip details, hold tight"

Hmm, are you still seeing this issue? Can you share any console logs?

So, you think meteor is for prototypes not for production?

Definitely for both, but again it depends on what you're trying to build using Meteor, it may not always be the best tool.

good work, Meteor is the fastest framework to get things done for sure if your familiar with it


I get your point :)

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