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>With a slightly more expensive dongle that can transmit as well as receive, your laptop can pretend to be a wifi access point or a cell phone tower...

I understand the point being explained here, but is this really accurate? I don't know of any SDR platform, let alone a "dongle" with anywhere near the capacity necessary to operate as a wifi AP.

Maybe I'm wrong here. Looks like bladeRF and USRP B200-series have the bandwidth, sample rate, and data speed to do 802.11b.

Maybe some radio smartperson can clarify?

The USRP B200 sales page actually says it can be used for WiFi. It also says "up to" 56MHz of bandwidth -- if that's actually available in the 2.4 and/or 5GHz bands, it should be able to implement 802.11n which uses 20 or 40MHz channels.

(802.11ac is out of bounds, its channels are 80MHz minimum.)


it's been possible to operate a variety of wifi cards in host AP mode for like 10 years or more. have a search and you'll see this is easily doable.

That paragraph isn't talking about a wifi card, it's talking about a software defined radio.

Internet Connection Sharing could be used with a full-duplex wifi card to enable an AP mode.

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