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The idea is completely plausible

I disagree. The definition of plausible is "seeming reasonable or probable".

To say "the idea is completely possible" might be accurate but has a completely different meaning.

A security researcher discovering malware that infects several different BIOS types including on PC and Mac hardware with every major operating system that can spread via USB and communicate via sound between standard speakers and a standard microphone over distance and then going about his normal day-to-day life over the next three years is the very definition of improbable.

That's Google's definition, which in my opinion doesn't capture the word correctly. That definition implies "plausible" suggests "likely". Turning to Webster:

    1 superficially fair, reasonable, or valuable but often specious <a plausible pretext>

    2 superficially pleasing or persuasive <a swindler… , then a quack, then a smooth, plausible gentleman — R. W. Emerson>

    3 appearing worthy of belief
To me, an idea is plausible if I can entertain the possibility without suspension of disbelief.

Which, as the parent said, does not seem to describe this bizarre malware. As described, it is so exotic that it requires some serious suspension of disbelief for a lot of people.

Seriously? All I am saying is that it's possible. I think pretty much everyone here will agree to that. Probable? Maybe not, but still possible.

All I am saying is that it's possible

No, all you said is that it's plausible. Plausible != possible.

Thanks troll master. I am so glad you could explain to me what it is I meant. Seems like you would rather aimlessly debate than discuss the topics at hand.

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