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New York / London - Bloomberg

http://jobs.bloomberg.com/ http://www.bloomberg.com/ux

There are many jobs open at Bloomberg, but I'm particularly looking for intelligent software engineers and UX professionals to work under the CTO and Infrastructure team in R&D. We have roughly 4,000 R&D employees, so work is very diverse across the company. Teams are roughly 4-8 people at the lowest level and group up into larger organizations organized by product type (equities, fixed income, etc.). I happen to work on infrastructure for the Professional service (aka Terminal). Our team has very little interaction with anything finance related and most of our work is related to evolving the entire platform forward and making forward-looking changes. Back in 2005, we converted all of our higher-level "app" development to server-side JS (custom, Spidermonkey based) and now run probably the largest server-side JS stack in the world (~20MM LOC). We migrated a lot of our GUI toolkit to be scripted as well (LUA this time) to allow us to more easily evolve it. And now we're evolving it, embedding WebKit and pushing bugfixes and feature enhancements to do what we need (our fork is on GH). We're helping define and implement CSS3 Grid spec and help implement ES6 generators among other things. We built and run a third-party app store within the Terminal. Over the past decade we've rebuilt the C++ foundation of the company from the ground up, starting with our own STL implementation using the Lakos allocator model (Lakos and a few other C++ committee members work here). We have a huge wealth of awesome C++ libraries that we started open-sourcing and will continue to add more layers as time goes by.

All of what I mentioned above is stuff done by the infrastructure team, and we're a tiny percentage of the overall R&D population. Other teams get to do fun stuff as well. The mortgage team ported long-running ABS OAS calculations from Linux farms to GPU clusters and wrote a Python based cash flow engine from the ground up, potentially helping define the SEC's Python-files-must-be-included rules.

We run a worldwide network with somewhere around 35,000 circuits in 180+ countries. We ingest anywhere from 45-60 billion "ticks" daily aggregate from feeds in all of these countries. We normalize, scrub, and then re-distribute all this data to customers in all of those countries in an efficient manner. The Terminal provides analytic and visualization tools to work with market data, as well as the same tools to work with news and alerts. On the news side, we ingest over 80,000 news feeds (e.g. WSJ would be one "feed") from around the world and do the same kind of processing, applying ML for sentiment and topic classification, etc. We also design our own hardware in-house -- everything from keyboards and monitors, to custom ASICs for authentication/subscription tokens and PCIe hardware security modules for our certificate infrastructure. The web side (bloomberg.com, businessweek.com, BGOV, BLAW, Black, etc) uses mostly Rails stacks and everything you would expect to find in a web shop.

Oh, and we have a TV station, radio station, etc. They innovate too. Bloomberg TV is the first non-OTA channel to be distributed via Aereo, for instance :)

We could use a motto like "We do a lot of stuff."

Contact me if you want to discuss at andrew@ishiboo.com. If you want to chat in person, we are a sustaining sponsor of NYTM and are at all the meetups. I'll be sponsoring / attending RobotsConf in December, too.

I interviewed once at Bloomberg. Kind of rocked the phone interview on algorithms and then on-site everybody was acting like if they hated to be there to deal with me. Plus it was weird as it was a Rails position and I got interviewed by people not in the team I was applying for on college C++ internals stuff. So be careful guys :>

The office looks really nice though. And the projects sound pretty sexy.

If you are willing to get in touch privately, I'd like to check up to see what happened w/ your situation.

kind of similar experience with me too during my intern search. My telephonic round went pretty well and the interviewer was very impressed by my problem solving approach. Later when I went on-site there were two interviewers and both focused on whether I remember the Ruby syntax or not. BTW I have 3+ year of full-stack developer experience at that time (Mar'13)

I'm not sure this always works …

Thanks for such a detailed background! Definitely sounds pretty exciting. Are there any positions based in Toronto, Canada?

No, anyone in Toronto would come work out of the NYC office. (As John mentions in the thread there is a also a set of devs working on the government/law product down in D.C.)

Do you have any of your hardware-oriented positions in D.C.?

No, the hardware team is pretty small and all of that work is done out of the NYC office.

Are there any Internships available?

Yes, CS students in North America intern in NYC (housing provided) and CS students in UK/EU intern in London. We visit a lot of schools and interview in person (I can be found at the MIT events), but you are also free to apply online and we'll bring candidates to the office after a phone screen.

Cool. I am an Italian student, should I apply through the website or Sending you an email with my resume?

For UK internship, apply here: http://bit.ly/HsVbKy

Send me an e-mail, though, so I know who you are :)

What about for self-taught programmers? Should I bother trying to apply as an intern?

It would really depend on your situation and experience. E-mail me and we'll discuss.

Yes, and they are awesome! Ok, I am bias; I did 2 internships and then came back full time.

And Washington D.C :)

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