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Ask HN: Freelancer? Seeking freelancer? (November 2013)
118 points by whoishiring on Nov 1, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 177 comments
Please lead with either SEEKING WORK or SEEKING FREELANCER, your location and whether remote work is a possibility.

SEEKING FREELANCERS - NYC or Bay Area preferred - Remote is okay

Lambda is a talent agency for freelance developers and designers. We help you find clients, negotiate for higher rates, and take care of the business side of freelancing.

  - Exceptional talent only: $100/hr minimum rate.
  - No recruiters or spam. We're developers too and we only match consultants with projects that fit their expertise and interest.
  - Serious clients only: Wanna hear about a disruptive social network for cats that "just needs a coder"? Neither do we.
  - Freelancers with side projects or startups are especially welcome!
If that's appealing, you can read more and sign up at: http://getlambda.com/

We've posted about this on HN a few times and have been amazed by the response. I apologize if you applied last month and we haven't gotten back to you yet. We interview everyone personally and are still ramping up the process. We'll reach out as soon as we can!

Right now, we're particularly looking for NYC Rails devs. If that sounds like you, shoot me an email and I'll bump you to the top of the queue.

Just signed up.

recent work: Dribbble: http://dribbble.com/codeddesign Website: http://codeddesign.org

Are you still focusing on US devs?

Yes. Specifically, we're focusing on NYC and the Bay Area first.

Most people we speak to are open to consultants that work remotely, but prefer devs that can occasionally be on-site for kick-off meetings and the like. If you can meet with a client once a week, that gives you a tremendous advantage over devs that are entirely remote.

Ah that would explain no feedback as of yet. Shoot. Hopefully you'll get some Canadian based clients soon.

What about foreigners?

SEEKING FREELANCER - Remote OK - irc required

BSD, ZFS, OpenSSH, PAM: Distributed, Encrypted Open Source Data Sync, Share, & Storage with Bitcoin Message Signing

Project: http://electrum.org - Lightweight Bitcoin thin client, as advocated for by Satoshi Nakamoto [1]

Developed by Dr. Thomas Voegtlin, French PhD neuroscientist, Electrum is an exceptionally simple Bitcoin wallet written in Python, that protects you from losing your Bitcoins due to backup mistakes or computer failure. Electrum automatically generates with each newly created wallet a list of twelve common words from English poetry, which Thomas hand-picked specifically to aid in memorization and long-term recall.

You must be willing to make extensive use of IRC for communication, and you should probably at least possess a passing interest in Bitcoin, if you want to take on this project.

I'm looking for a systems engineer who can think about problems creatively. I've been agonizing over how to appropriately handle data sync, share, and storage. I've considered everything from Tahoe-LAFS to BitTorrent, from a simple Flask API to Git. I'm looking for the simplest possible solution. If this sounds even slightly interesting please email me at:

echo YW5keUBzaWVycmEzZC5jb20K | base64 -d

or ping me on #electrum (Freenode). I'm atweiden.


[1]: http://www.mail-archive.com/cryptography@metzdowd.com/msg099...

Hiring for an open source project with open issues on GitHub? Sounds like a good first step would be a pull request!


SEEKING WORK - London or remote.

Here are some things I've worked on lately:

LSH clustering in low memory (currently ~800GB of input data in 4GM RAM) - https://github.com/jamii/springer-recommendations

A Go-playing AI in cljs - http://scattered-thoughts.net/blog/2013/10/06/hugo-a-go-go/

Concise pattern matching and parsing - https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=4902219

Parallelizing a constraint solver - https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=6140653

Dev tools for writing gnome extensions in clojurescript - https://github.com/jamii/lein-gnome

My background is in math (real analysis, probability, discrete maths) and computer science (randomized algorithms, AI / epistemic logic, machine learning). I'm comfortable with clojure, python, erlang and ocaml and I learn fast.

I'm also interested in partnering with other freelance developers to cover the whole stack.



SEEKING FREELANCERS: DuckDuckGo (remote or local in Paoli, PA)

All of our full-time staff started freelancing with us for an extended period of time. If you're an avid DuckDuckGo user who is excited about what we're trying to accomplish check out https://dukgo.com/help/en_US/company/hiring


PROJECT: Shopular (shopular.com) is a mobile shopping app. We have a lot of interesting usage data which we want to analyze and visualize. We are a small fun team and this project will get a lot of external visibility. Both roles have a chance of turning into longer projects / fill-time.

DATA AND VISUALIZATION ENGINEER: You can comfortably work with huge data files (GBs) and proficient in a scripting language like python/ruby to massage that data to get interesting aggregates and insights. You can visualize the insights using a package like D3js. Prior D3 experience huge plus, especially with visualizations on a map.

DESIGNER: You have experience building infographics and other visualizations. You are very creative, self guided and can take off from a concept/idea. Please point to prior work.

If you think you are a good fit for either role above, we'd love to hear from you ASAP.

CONTACT: join@shopular.com

OFFER TO VOLUNTEER - Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Scientific and Open Source projects

I'm a Civil Industrial Engineer (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Industrial_engineering) with some experience working for startups doing web development. Currently I'm one of the Community TAs for the Startup Engineering class and for the Machine Learning class at Coursera (Stanford).

I'm looking for opportunities to volunteer, preferably Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or Scientific projects. Being a Community TA has been a great experience and an opporunity to get a deep understanding on these topics. I'm eager to contribute to scientific, open source projects and the like.

Drop me a line: ccarpenterg@gmail.com

Startup Engineering: https://www.coursera.org/course/startup

Machine Learning: https://www.coursera.org/course/ml

SEEKING FREELANCERS - Bay Area, CA / Remote is fine

Looking for javascript developers with a skill level anywhere from "reasonably comfortable" to "super amazing"

We have a ton of very small tasks that need to be completed for a large project (ex: "implement this single test case as described" or "add pagination to this API route"). The context of the work is roughly data and analytics for server farms.

The nice thing about these tasks is that there are very many, and they are very specific in terms of deliverables (ex: the test case either passes or doesn't), and they're pretty small, so we're pretty flexible about the amount of work, and we can try each other out with a few small tasks.

Email me at joshalbrecht@gmail.com if interested.


This month, I will launch a marketplace for freelance programmers that have contributed to open source.

The site uses GitHub login, and to join the site as a freelancer, you need at least one commit in a public repo with at least 25 stars.

http://www.codedoor.com/ - right now, it's a landing page. Please sign up if you're interested!

You can play with what I have at http://stealthcodedoor.herokuapp.com/

The site itself is open source- https://github.com/CodeDoor/codedoor . Feel free to open an issue if you have any feedback.

And CodeDoor has just launched - https://www.codedoor.com/


I’m building a SaaS startup with ex-Googlers. I’ve had great feedback and validation from individuals and companies on the product.

Most of the posts on HN are looking to hire hackers. I'm trying something a bit different:

Email me if you fit any of the following:

• Marketing

• Growth hacking

• Biz dev / Sales

I respond to all of my emails.

Email: marco@masswerks.com


Web & mobile design/development. I can (and do!) work at all stages of the process, from mockups to front end build to building out the backend & API's.

Web: HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, PHP (particularly Codeigniter), some server JS.

Mobile apps: iOS, Android, mainly use Titanium but have used Phonegap too.

Previous work includes e-commerce, web apps, API development, frontend build, app design... the list goes on.

Can supply links to sites & apps on request. Contact in profile. Ageing personal site at http://pitbot.net

I'm in the UK.

SEEKING WORK - Remote only. (Based in Tel-Aviv.)

My name is Ram Rachum, and I’m a freelance software developer. I help businesses solve their problems using software, mostly by developing web-based applications.

I work mainly in Python and Django.

On the technical level, it’s my responsibility to have high problem-solving skills; to design a good architecture for each project I work on; to implement that architecture quickly and effectively; and to be experienced with the languages and frameworks that I’m using, so when a problem comes up, I don’t have to spend 2 hours to research and solve it but rather just 5 minutes, because I’ve seen that problem dozen of times before.

On the project-management level, it’s my responsibility to communicate clearly and honestly with the client and my collaborators on the project; to understand exactly what the client wants to build as we plan together how to build it; to always keep the client updated about progress; to have an owner mentality and make decisions with the best interest of the client in mind; to own up to mistakes when they happen; and to always get feedback as early as possible from the client and from the users, so we know we’re not wasting time going into blind alleys, and we’re spending time only on features that the users are happy with.

My email is ram@rachum.com . Send me an email and say hello.

More details about me: http://ram.rachum.com/cv/

SEEKING WORK - San Francisco / Bay Area / Remote OK

I'm a fullstack web developer available to take on all parts an app, from frontend to backend and even some system administration. I've been building web based projects for myself and professionally for the past 6+ years. I'm most familiar with the following technologies: PHP(CodeIgniter), Python(Django), Javascript(node.js, backbone, angular) and MySQL/MongoDB/Solr. I left my employer earlier this year where I was lead developer for 2 of their largest sites to begin doing contract/freelance work again.

I just launched my latest contract project, the new playlist.com, a single page web app built using Angular.js, Node.js and MongoDB.You can also check out my latest side project http://iwaat.com, a search engine for web applications.

Email me at Lukeas14@gmail.com for more info on my background and to discuss your latest project.

https://github.com/Lukeas14 http://stackoverflow.com/users/205343/justin-lucas http://www.linkedin.com/pub/justin-lucas/8/61/2a4/

SEEKING WORK - San Francisco - Remote

Need help getting a project from idea to production while achieving a good balance of scalability vs time constraints?

Need someone that can come in an help out your team in a crunch?

Need someone to help you with heading up your technical team?

I am a full-stack developer with CTO experience. I take on all types of projects: front end web, mobile, back end server, database, devops, custom software solutions, and hardware integrations.

Languages/Protocols: Objective-C (iPhone, OSX), Node.JS, GWT, Java, PHP, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python, Windows 8 SDK, Unity3D, Flex, Action Script 3.0, .NET Framework, C#, ASP.Net, VB.Net, ADO.Net, SQL, XML, C++, C, HTTP, ASP, openGL, Microchip PIC

Cloud Platforms: Amazon Web Services, Heroku, Windows Azure   Database: MongoDB, MySQL, GAE Datastore, Elastic Search, MS SQL Server, Berkeley

Management: I have experience creating company/project budgets, making HR decisions, deciding company/product direction, managing a small team, and creating complete project plans.

Architect: I have experience in requirements gathering, full stack technology selection, system design, application design, application implementation, systems testing, load/stress testing, system trouble shooting, production rollout, some experience with globalization/localization, as well as some experience with custom circuit board/hardware design and programming.


Data-centric developer, currently immersed in Python after a lengthy and generally happy career with OO Perl, and past lives in Java and C -- involving, among other things, a fair amount of web crawling & data modeling, DML/DDL on various SQL platforms, and occasional frontend / backend web development. Available for part-time / full-time freelance engagements until Spring of 2014, and perhaps for permanent positions thereafter.

On other fronts -- U.S. citizen; NYC resident; hard science degree. I don't come from a formal Machine Learning background, but having done a bit of work in NLP & sentiment analysis, I'd be highly motivated to take on opportunities to build out my skills in this area. I also like being challenged to learn (interesting) languages at the drop of a hat, and would be keenly interested in diving into (for example) Scala, Erlang, Clojure, Haskell, Go, R, or Julia. In any case, most of my work in the past few years has involved "data husbandry" to a significant degree, and I'd very much like to keep investing in this general direction (but a lucid web development project can potentially be quite interesting, also).

BTW, I'll be at PyData this weekend if you'd like to meet up spontaneously & chat; otherwise, just drop me a short note describing what you're working on, & what you're looking for in a collaborator (beyond the usual keyword filler), & we'll take it from there.


wst.labs at gmail dot com

SEEKING FREELANCER - Remote - U.S., Canada, Western Europe only

We're a stealth online start-up seeking an experienced full-stack Rails developer or small team for a challenging project. Probably 6 week contract. Must have at least 2 years solid Rails experience developing web apps. Must have good amount of availability and be able to start within 1 week. Please include your CV, links to past projects and link to Linkedin profile if you have one. [railsprojectapp] a.t. g-m-a-i-l Thank you

HIRING FREELANCER - SF Bay preferred, remote ok.

HouseCanary, Inc is looking for a freelance designer to help us build our v1.

HouseCanary provides personalized analysis to homeowners about the value of their home, including pricing forecasts, risk factors, sensitivities and ways you can protect the value of your home in the event of a housing downturn.

We're looking for someone who has past experience with data visualization, as well as some product management experience.

If you're interested shoot me an email at joey@housecanary.com

SEEKING FREELANCER(s), NYC or remote. Flek (http://flek.co)

We're looking for talented developers and designers to help us on both our own products and our collaborations with existing startups. Previous collaborations include mobile apps, data dashboards, and e-commerce marketplaces.

Flek is a small two-person team in NYC right now with plans to start growing early next year. Reach out if you're interested in working with us! hello@flek.co

SEEKING WORK - Toronto and Bangkok / Remote

Full stack web developer:

Technologies of choice: Git/Hub, PHP, MySQL, Laravel, jQuery, Backbone, Bootstrap.

Can also work with: SVN, CodeIgniter, Photoshop, UX Design, Linux

    * http://duchnik.com
    * http://websanova.com
    * http://LinkedIn.com/in/robertduchnik
    * http://github.com/websanova

I'm big on efficiency and DRY methodology both in coding and in processes. I enjoy thinking about solutions on how to make a team work better as much as I enjoy thinking about how to create an elegant solution.

I have lots of experience designing simple interfaces for complicated websites. I also believe in launching code often and breaking a problem down into small parts that can be delivered in days rather than months. There really is no reason why there can't at least be some soft internal or private launch that can get users playing with something.

I would like to work with a company or someone that has interesting problems to solve. I'm at my best when I'm working with people that enjoy discussing and trying to figure out elegant solutions and are self motivated to produce great results.

For any questions or if you would like to chat you can contact me at rob@duchnik.com


Looking for JavaScript developers to work on web application for startup based in NYC.

You will need to be able to collaborate very closely with other software engineers on a frequent basis. We are ideally interested in people in the NYC area who would be interested in coming to an office to work on this.

You are smart, creative, and inquisitive. You are a meticulous, driven developer with an eye for design. You also strive for eloquence, performance, and lightness.


  - Development of core server-side and client-side JavaScript functionality
Ideal Requirements:

  - Experience with server-side JavaScript (Node.js and Express) 
  - *OR*
  - Client-side JavaScript development with MVC frameworks such as Backbone.js
  - Experience with templating languages (ejs, mustache, etc.), HTML 5, and CSS 3
  - Experience with database systems such as MongoDB and Redis
  - Experience with message queues such as RabbitMQ and Celery
  - Experience with Git and collaborative coding
  - Experience with test driven development in Node.js
  - Experience with Ubuntu/EC2 development environment
  - (Nice to have) experience with tools such as Angular.js and CoffeeScript
If interested, please contact us at info@iqlicense.com!

SEEKING WORK - Bay Area, CA or remote

Content is king if you want to be heard above the noise of the Internet. But if you're heads-down focused on building a product or making sales, you probably don't have time to make quality content for your inbound marketing program. And if you do have time, the stress of wrangling SMEs, getting consensus and approval, and building content that's as awesome as your company is can be killer.

# I help you solve content problems

I have seven years of experience writing engaging content that helps business persuade, inform, and educate. Before that, I spent ten years learning about, using, and training adults to use complicated technology. Because of this background, I'm able to make knotty, complex subjects easily understood using a variety of media, and enliven prosaic subjects with colorful analogies, custom visuals, and backstories. I write short and long-form white papers, case studies, howto guides, and web copy, and I get projects from concept to completion with as much or as little of your involvement as you want.

I combine disciplined project management with a flexible work style to integrate smoothly with even the most harried product or marketing team. And I'm practically a mind reader when it comes to talking with SMEs.

# I can help

If you have a content problem, or you need new content for your marketing efforts, let me know and I'll gladly take some time to chat with you about potential solutions. If I'm the right fit for your needs, I'll share work samples and work up a proposal.

# Contact Philip@philipmorganconsulting.com

SEEKING WORK - Chicago/Remote

I'm a product designer/developer. I run my two of my own products, focused around helping freelancers:

https://properapp.com - Contracts for freelancers http://whatwhenapp.com - Timelines for freelancers

I also help businesses build products for their own customers. I can do front to back design, development, and marketing.

Best suited working with startups (funded), small teams, and solo entrepreneurs. Bonus points if you're a developer, too.

Available for UI design (I design w/ code) and development (I use Meteor).

Example projects that I'd be good for: overhauling an existing product interface, building an MVP, help organize marketing for a new/existing product.

Here's a redesign of Grooveshark I did for fun last night/this morning: http://cl.ly/SH4q/o (this is in code).

My portfolio (a bit outdated): http://wellroundedgent.com My Dribbble: http://dribbble.com/rglover

Get in touch: ryan@wellroundedgent.com

SEEKING WORK -- remote or Portland, OR area - available part-time for short and long term projects

Just want a banana, and end up getting the gorilla and jungle too? My experience will help you define your business needs, and come up with the right solution to fit your requirements.

Full-Stack Developer. Front end development in Responsive HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (jQuery, jQuery mobile, JSON), and RESTful APIs built with PHP or Node.js on the server.

Emphasis on a strong design to build projects that are simple to use and attractive.

Specializing in iOS and Android apps built with Cordova/PhoneGap that work beautifully on different screen sizes and devices.

20+ years professional software developer, 15+ years freelance

      newly redesigned app website: http://imagenuity.com

      twitter: @jimbergman

SEEKING WORK - San Francisco Bay Area, CA or REMOTE

I build apps, websites, and APIs that solve business problems. A couple of recent projects (more at http://www.pilvy.com/):

* IVPN Client for Windows: Developed for IVPN (https://www.ivpn.net/), who had some unique security & privacy requirements. Based on OpenVPN.

* VMware End User Computing Demo Portal (https://www.vmwdemo.com/): Lets their sales and marketing teams easily demonstrate the Horizon product suite to potential customers. Eliminated a ton of time-consuming work by automating Active Directory/LDAP account provisioning, expiry, and integration with Horizon Workspace.

I'm looking for short-term (near-full time) and long-term (part-time) projects. Immediate availability.

tech: node.js, JavaScript, Objective-C/Cocoa/iOS, Python, Ruby on Rails

http://amirmalik.net | https://github.com/ammmir | amir at pilvy dot com


You will be working with a startup developing real-time prediction algorithms on manufacturing production-line data. You will be responsible for using machine learning algorithms to develop real-time “big data” predictive models.

You will need to be able to collaborate very closely with other team members on a frequent basis.


  - Using cutting-edge machine learning algorithms to develop real-time predictive 
    models on big manufacturing data sets.
  - Development of effective data visualizations to communicate data features
Ideal Requirements:

  - Experience with machine learning techniques including stochastic gradient descent 
    and regularized regression (LASSO, Ridge, Elastic-Net)
  - Experience with dimensionality reduction techniques such as PCA, SVD, 
    dictionary learning
  - Knowledge of basic linear algebra (eigenvectors, eigenvalues)
  - Experience with data visualization techniques
  - Experience with python development, including features such as multiprocessing, 
    shared memory, and unit tests
  - Experience with development using python packages such as numpy, scipy, pandas, 
    matplotlib, scikit-learn, and pymongo
  - Experience with database systems such as MongoDB and Redis
  - Experience with asynchronous web communication with packages such as Socket.IO
  - Experience with Git and collaborative coding
  - Experience with Ubuntu/EC2 development environment
  - (Nice to have) experience with Hadoop/Map-Reduce development
  - Previous experience developing predictive models
  - Previous experience developing data visualizations
If interested, please reach out at bryton [dot] shang [at] skedastic [dot] com!

SEEKING WORK - Remote preferred, based in Denver, CO; US citizen, fwiw.

Ops and Systems/Network Administration. You write the code, I make sure everyone that you want to can load it (and no one else).

Heavy/primary OS Linux user since the late 90's and working on the admin end (now trendily "devops") since the early 00's. Mostly have worked with small and mid-size businesses. Do you prefer Debian or RedHat based distros, or something else entirely? Are you hosting on self-assembled server racks? dedicated colo boxes? AWS slices? Do you want a slick Apache setup, or prefer nginx, or want some feedback deciding on how you want it all set up -- or just want someone to take all those worries off your hands and let you focus on your own strengths? Let's chat.

Also familiar with Ruby/Rails, HTML, CSS3 and some popular frameworks, shell scripting, MySQL, and am generally a quick study. I'm interested in moving more toward the dev end of the spectrum, so blended projects are especially welcome.

Oh, and I actually enjoy writing thorough documentation. Twisted, eh?

Contact me here or on dylan@dylanfitzgerald.net

SEEKING FREELANCERS - Portland, OR - Remote Ok

BatchGeo is seeking front end developers with heavy experience in developing interactive user experiences. We have full-time and contract positions available, remote working OK.

Our company is small, profitable, and growing quickly.

More info here:



SEEKING WORK - remote only, from Mumbai-India

https://www.book-pay.com went live in June 2013 - developed from scratch in Django and Postgres,a site for booking seat for cycling tours offered by www.londonbicycle.com - so far 480+ users with 350+ seats booked

Helped in launching http://www.foodfan.com - Django,Postgres, S3 for photos, Sphinx for search, Jquery

8+ years of software development experience in dotnet and Django, open to working on other technologies. Have worked with clients from US, UK and Syria

A blog post - http://www.vishalsodani.com/programming/experience-report-fr...



Contact: vishalsodani@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK - Bay Area, Toronto, Waterloo, or Remote

Android mobile developer with extensive experience working on an app that is one of the most popular in the Play Store right now. You've heard of it. I've also worked with YC startups in the past, so I have references if you need them.

I have experience developing UIs, networking frameworks, advanced camera work, OpenGL, and native C/C++/JNI level implementations. I've even hacked the Android source code to bend it to my will. If you need help on your app, or need someone to build it from scratch, I'm your man. I can even make sure, within reason, that it'll work all the way down to Gingerbread 2.3.

My Github is pretty sparse, as most of my projects have been private: http://github.com/HorizonXP

You should e-mail me, at least to discuss your project. Otherwise, reply here.

I'm excited to hear from people, I love hearing what people are working on!

xpatel [@] pulsecode [dot] ca

SEEKING WORK - Remote (Paris, France - but can travel in Europe)

Full-stack web developer with sharp marketing skills.

I can help with figuring out how to make more money out of your application (B2B SaaS apps are where I have the most experience).

By understanding who your customers are and what they're looking for, I can help create a better experience for them (examples: fixing application hot spots, adding live feedback chat at the right spot, customer satisfaction surveys, analyzing and reducing churn rate...)

Do you have poor signup rates? Low activation or retention metrics? Do you think you could make more money out of your current application?

I have 8 years of experience as a software developer (Python/Django/Javascript), and I've worked both on my own products and for other startups.

I can also help with your MVP, help you come up with the right questions, and developing the right product.

Get more and better customers for your SaaS: http://www.saasfoundry.com

site is down

SEEKING WORK - SF Bay Area / Remote - Long or Short Term Projects

I am a Product Designer (Interaction Design/UI/UX). I have experience relevant to products from iOS & Android to Large Web Platforms. I typically consult on or perform the following:

  * Product management - strategy, best practices, team building, implementation.

  * Product design - strategy, best practices, team building, process, interaction design, ui design, iconography.

  * Front end dev - I tend to build most things I spec at the very least to a minimum in which there is no chance of fidelity loss from prototype to final product. I've also setup processes for growing teams and established best practices for new hires.
info@bvrgroup.us | http://bvrgroup.us | http://dribbble.com/dylanrw

SEEKING WORK - Remote, or anywhere really. South African, just finished Masters degree in Socio-Informatics. Keen to travel.

Jack-of-all-trades. Studied computer science, business finance, marketing, systems science, organisation theory and socio-informatics.

Created http://tweekly.fm, http://twimemachine.com (for sale), and http://min.io (back-end developer). Personal site: http://simondlr.com

Currently #funemployed, reading, making music, and building a prototype for a Bitcoin micropayment channel powered service that enables autonomy of programs. Massive fan of Bitcoin contracts. So excited to see what they are going to allow in the next 1-5 years.

Looking at opportunities to continue doing this, or working on anything Bitcoin.

SEEKING WORK - Remote (based in LA)

Where I've worked/studied: thoughtbot, ZURB, Coveo, Atlassian, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont McKenna College

Things I do: Back end dev, front end dev, full stack dev, design (I have a partner who designs), Packaged rails security audits, long term or short term projects

My usual stack includes: Ruby on Rails, HTML, HAML, CSS, SASS, Heroku, Angular.js, Javascript, jQuery, Postgres, Photoshop, git, Ruby, ZURB Foundation, Responsive design

I can also do: Backbone.js, PSD to HTML, Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL

I've worked with over 25 clients in 4 countries and am on the look out for interesting new projects. I won't belabor an explanation of my philosophy and experience on this thread, but please visit http://nealke.mp or email me if you are interested in learning more. You can contact me at me( at )nealke( . )mp

Aside from development, I also offer packaged Rails security audits.


I'm looking for an experienced Sencha developer to code on a Sencha Touch project with me. The project will start very shortly and run for about 4-6 months. If you have a reasonable amount of time to commit and you are interested in a Sencha contract, please contact me at bglenn09[at]gmail.com. Thanks!

I'm interested but have a contract that will end in 2-3 weeks. Let me know if that's okay.


Seeking full stack web developer to help launch new web app in Rails framework. The project focuses on helping our clients optimize their labor costs. It would be great if you were interested in both business and tech. Expect a 4-6 week contract.

English fluency a must.

Want to know more? We want to get to know you too!

Selenkofl –at- gmail –dot- com

SEEKING WORK - Remote or travel around Europe fine. Native British developer based in Warsaw, Poland.

Back-end and front-end jack-of-all-trades, concentrating on PHP/C#/MySQL, experienced with Apache/Nginx/IIS, and general Linux admin.

A few sample projects I work on in my spare time, using PHP/Laravel or Kohana/MySQL/jQuery:

http://track-chat.com (also uses Erlang, but I am by no means an expert!)



I'm very good at finding simple solutions to complex problems, enjoy rescuing projects in trouble, and like working with technology in general.

I always enjoy chatting about projects, whether they're in the planning stages or just need a bit of help. You can get in touch with me at tom@tbbpolska.com

SEEKING WORK: Remote (NYC based). Available to meet or kick off projects at client locations.

We (Databracket) are an experienced distributed team who do full-stack web dev, distributed systems, architecture and algorithms work. We most often work in Python (extremely efficient), Node.js, C++ and Go (very efficient).

Our specialities are distributed communications & architecture (we have experience with techs from ZeroMQ to BitTorrent), security (we have worked with SSH protocol internals, crypto, architecting secure data storage schemes), Postgres and PostGIS, image processing, and distributed systems architecture in general.

Some of our work:

http://databracket.com (our own products)

http://cloudless.io (scaling lib for ZeroMQ)

Please get in touch with me at zach@databracket.com.

SEEKING WORK - San Antonio, TX or REMOTE - keyston [at] conceptual-ideas.com Full-stack software engineer with 7+ years of experience specializing in backend development as well as Android Development.

Languages: Python,PHP, JavaScript, Java,Scala,HTML5,Less,Sass,ActionScript 3/Flex

Frontend : JavaScript (Vanilla, jQuery, Backbone.js, Handlebars),HTML5,Less,Sass,Bootstrap

Backend : Play!,Django,Kohana,Codeigniter,Node.js,Php,Akka,Spray.io

Environments: LAMP stack, NginX, Linux,Wowza,AWS



Pet project - a Scala driver for RethinkDB - https://github.com/kclay/rethink-scala

Hourly and Contract(short/mid/long term) Jobs welcomed

SEEKING WORK - Remote preferred, based in Raleigh, NC (travel ok)

Full-stack developer with 10+ years of experience building successful projects like http://blogcatalog.com

I don't focus on technology, I focus on solving your business problems and providing as much value as I can. A few examples:

- Increased revenue 30% in 4 months on GoTickets.com by optimizing UX

- Built $100k/year business from scratch with RentACarNow.com in competitive market

- First iOS app I've ever built earns $25k/year in recurring revenue: http://www.perfectpitchpianoapp.com

Looking for someone who understands both tech & business? Get in touch to see if I can help: http://bradjasper.com/

SEEKING WORK - Freelance UX/Design and Frontend Coder Remote: Based in Doncaster, UK. Working from my well equipped office space: http://instagram.com/p/b4GtPfH8Nw/

Portfolio: http://dribbble.com/roybarberuk & http://roybarber.com

Freelance UX/Design, from low/high fidelity mockups in Axure/HTML to Design to Front End Code/Wordpress. Have done css in ruby/node & angular.js Extensive experience with responsive website and wordpress. Email: hi@roybarber.com other contact details on my website. Alternatively enquire through dribbble.

SEEKING WORK - Chicago, IL or REMOTE, can travel flexibly.

PhD at the interface of applied mathematics, nonlinear optimization, computer science, and machine learning.

I can bring machine learning or optimization to your project. Best at highly numerical codes, but also enjoy "full stack" projects.

Languages: best: C++/C, Python, MATLAB; intermediate: AMPL, BASH, Fortran, Java, Mathematica, PHP, Schema, SQL. Familiar with Apache, Django, Hadoop, Linux, MySQL, OS X, sqlite, Weka.

Get in touch via http://www.linkedin.com/in/traviscj , https://github.com/traviscj , or just http://traviscj.com

SEEKING WORK - Vancouver/Remote

Struggling to find a web developer who understands your business?

I am Jay Huang, a full stack web developer and consultant based in Vancouver, B.C. Having co-founded of 2 of the largest communities on the internet dedicated to Windows, Windows7Center.com and Windows8Center.com (2008~2011) — I have experience taking projects from conception to a thriving business. This experience allows me to better understand your business and solve your most important problems.

What I can do for you:

* General technical consulting

* Web security consulting

* Frontend/backend Development (PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, etc)

* Wordpress themes and modifications

* Search Engine Optimization

* API development

* Responsive design (RWD)


Linkedin: http://ca.linkedin.com/in/huangjay

SEEKING WORK - San Francisco, CA (Remote or Local) - rob@houseofatomi.com

I'm a SF based designer with front-end development chops and a passion for clean, understandable user experiences. I believe in being able to build what I design, which allows me to have the technology constraints in mind from the project outset.

Skills include the standard Photoshop/Illustrator and HTML/CSS/SCSS w/Compass/LESS/jQuery. I have experience with a variety of platforms including Magento and dabble in more heavy development work (backbone, Rails, etc) as necessary. I also have experience setting up server environments including with AWS. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

Public Portfolio: www.houseofatomi.com Additional work available by email upon request.

HIRING FREELANCER - - Remote is ok

Are you a PHP or Python ninja? Then we need you!

PHP Framework: PhalconPHP Database: MongoDB

This project needs to be completed within 2 weeks. NO EXCEPTIONS. We have a project that requires scraping pre-defined websites and then sorting them via a pre-defined algorithm.

Here is the layout: http://i.imgur.com/aYBYauh.png

The crawl server will be crawling a list of pre-defined sites to extract relevant data. The Semantic Extraction from the crawled content will be done via AlchemyAPI to generate the site category, keyword relevance, and sentiment value.

The remaining algorithm factors will be pulled by the code language of your choice (php curl, python…etc)

EMAIL AT: web@codeddesign.org if you need further details or would like to place a bid.

SEEKING WORK - Moscow, Russia - Remote okay - Long or Short Term Projects

My name is Denis Gorbachev,

I'm a Meteor superfan, MongoDB stalwart, Coffeescript addict; currently looking for an interesting hacking project.

Don't hire me if you need "just a programmer". Hire me if you want a partner, an advisor, an ally ready to cover the tech flank of your company.

Past experience includes running my own consulting firm, building a huge intranet system with Symfony (PHP) and Doctrine (MySQL) for backend, Ext JS (Javascript) for frontend, releasing a game for programmers, creating an online shopping system with same technologies, and working on numerous smaller projects.

I'm also developing my own Meteor project. Haven't released it yet; contact me for a link: Denis.D.Gorbachev@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote / Toronto / Travel

  - Python: Flask/Django


  - JavaScript: AngularJS (isn't it awesome!?)

  - Database: MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, PostgreSQL
Resume available on request.

Contact me at hanifvirani -at- outlook -dot- com.


I'm a full-stack web developer.

I love building MVPs, so if you have an idea, then I can build a MVP for you.

My skills : Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, HTML5, CSS3/Sass, jQuery/CoffeeScript, Bootstrap/Foundation, VPS/AWS/S3/Linux/Ubuntu, SEO/Inbound Marketing.

Recent projects :

http://railyo.com, http://assembleyourpc.net

Checkout my blog (http://blog.sudobits.com, http://rameshjha.com) and github profile https://github.com/rkjha

Get in touch : ramesh @ rameshjha.com.

SEEKING WORK: Remote (we're a distributed team of high quality mobile & backend engineers)


We are Mobile Jazz, a collective of excellent engineers and designers with a strong focus on everything mobile and beyond. We've been doing Android and iOS development from their beginnings in 2008.

Additionally we've a ton of experience in backend development (Go, Java & Scala) and web frontend development (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript).

Check us out here: http://mobilejazz.cat

If you've any questions please get in touch with me via stefan@mobilejazz.cat - happy to answer any questions :-)

PS: We've worked successfully with other HN members before.



We are in Cupertino.

We are the team behind Mokriya Craigslist. Time, Wall Street Journal, Mashable, Xconomy, and a slew of tech bloggers raved about it. Check it out. http://craigslist.mokriya.com/

We are a team of engineers, UX designers, and thinkers. We have worked for some of the hottest tech startups in Silicon Valley, including Path, MixPanel, Threadflip, SimpleGeo, SideCar, etc.

Google has us on a list of "best mobile development teams in the country" so we get calls from them occasionally too.

About You

You're a Technical-Geek/Copywriter Hybrid. You are a technophile by nature, and love learning about and exploring new technologies. You don't have to be an engineer, but you should have a solid grasp of things like MVC, agile development, etc. If you know the other side of the shop (user-centered design), you get bonus points. Basically, you need to be able to speak intelligently about software development, specifically as it relates to Mobile. Also, you should be very good at breaking down complicated ideas into bite-sized morsels of "oohhh, I get it" gooeyness. Our target audience are the business-people who make decisions about technologies to use inside of companies. The rare few are engineers. Most are not. If you can connect well with these people (the challenges of working inside a big co., getting projects out the door, playing the political games, etc.), then you will get more bonus points! :)

About the Work

We are creating a series of guides as a part of a larger content-marketing vision. The guides we write will cover topics like, "How to vet and hire a great mobility firm," "Best practices for creating a compelling mobile experience," "Advanced guide to understanding the cross-platform tools available", etc. We have 2 full-time, awesome designers, who you will work closely with to make the pieces super-compelling. We will loosely borrow the style of these guides:

* http://www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-content-mar....

* http://moz.com/learn/seo

Looking forward to connecting. Email adam@mokriya.com to kick off a conversation. Thanks, Adam

PS Also always interested in talking to smart developers.


I am looking for a person to create a website. The website will be a minimalistic, barebones bitcoin wallet with only the basic functions. The entire website will be 1 page. Layout/looks are not important, I am looking for the following functionalities: - User accounts - Bitcoin balance displayed for each user - Withdraw/deposit buttons so users can deposit or withdraw from their bitcoin balance - When a user deposits bitcoins, the bitcoins will go to a central bitcoin wallet for the entire site, but each user has his own balance based on how much s/he deposited

That's it. No social media or anything like that. Message me for clarification/details if you are interested.

I'd love to give it a shot, how may I contact you?

Hi Hrundi, Please email me at martyhrose@gmail.com Cheers!

SEEKING WORK - remote, short to medium term projects - zak.wilson@gmail.com

I make software - mostly full-stack web development and HTTP APIs, but I'm adaptable. I have some interest in artificial intelligence and machine learning. I can do stuff that's harder than basic CRUD apps.

Stuff I know well: Clojure, Ruby (with or without Rails), Python, Django, Javascript, Lua, PostgreSQL, MySQL.

Other stuff I've used for something non-trivial at least once: Common Lisp, Scheme, Java, SASS, C, PHP, Haskell, Bash, Perl, MongoDB.

Yes, I can probably pick up that language or tool you're using that nobody has ever heard of. Github (perhaps a bit dusty): https://github.com/zakwilson

SEEKING WORK - Washington DC or remote

My current focus is Django/Python development work, although I also have experience with WordPress, PHP, and a variety of other technologies. I can write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by hand, configure and secure your Linux server, or even optimize Apache or nginx so that your website can scale to thousands of visitors.

I can build your MVP or help you maintain and improve an existing website. I write technical specifications, use comments in my code, and am adept at Git.

Portfolio: https://marteydodoo.com/portfolio/

Contact: https://marteydodoo.com/contact/

SEEKING WORK - Remote / India

I'm a full-stack web dev-ops interested in end-to-end delivery of projects. I have worked in the capacity of team lead and can help build teams if you are just starting out. I also have experience setting up highly available and scalable clusters from scratch for products with a reasonably large base. So, I can help you move out of the MVP building phase into stable production cycles.

Languages: Ruby, Java, Python, C Backend: Ruby on Rails, Struts, Django, Solr Frontend: HTML, CSS(Sass), Javascript(Coffeescript, jquery, backbone.js) Databases: MySQL, Postgres, Redis, MongoDB Environments: Linux, Cloud providers(Rackspace, AWS, Heroku), Linode

Email: chandranshu[at]gmail.com Website: www.chandranshu.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote (London Timezone)


After building our own startup - http://unplu.gg, we turned into consulting to pay the bills, as http://whitesmith.co.

We are a small team (no managers) building MVPs and doing maintenance in mature products. Clients in UK, US & AUS, including:

http://diary.com http://nourishcare.co.uk

Additional portfolio & references on request.


Client side: HTML/CSS, Javascript, Backbone.js

Server side: Ruby on Rails, Node.js

DB: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Mysql

Server: EC2, Digital Ocean, Linode


Get in touch via http://whitesmith.co

Seeking Freelance Work (Philadelphia / King of Prussia PA)

Experienced print and web (UI/UX/Anything) designer, also a developer and a marketer. Attempting to get my own "agency" off the ground [1], but love working with awesome clients. If you are reading HN, your probably my kind of person :)

Can be remote work, or I can travel.

Email: Coeyman@gmail.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/coeyman

Twitter: http://twitter.com/acoyfellow

Dribbble: http://dribbble.com/acoyfellow

[1]- http://FullDime.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote. (I'm currently based in Canada MST.)

I'm a full stack developer with experience building both websites and large web applications. Currently have around 4 years of experience with the last year being involved mostly in the online advertising market.

Python, PHP, MySQL, Postgres, Redis, Mongodb, Cassandra, RabbitMQ, Memcached, HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, Ajax Django, Flask, WordPress Git/SVN/Mercurial

Git Hub: http://www.github.com/cmorgan8506 Portfolio: http://www.colinjmorgan.com/portfolio Email: cmorgan8506@gmail.com

SEEKING FREELANCER - USA - REMOTE OK - Profitbale 2-man startup with 60k+ revenue in ~10 months, growing quickly. Looking to hire a django developer with a good amount of experience. Contact us with resume / portfolio. Email: johndevor@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote (preferred) or Portland, Maine

Experienced developer available for work on new projects. Some of my recent projects have included web scraping/data processing, NLP/sentiment analysis, and custom video compositing. I’m particularly passionate about testing and a stickler for details; there's few things I like better than finding ways to break things.

Keywords: Python, Ruby, Go, JS, PHP, QA, Selenium, django-webtest, factory-boy, CasperJS, mitmproxy, nltk, scrapy

Github: https://www.github.com/brkcmd

Blog: http://brkcmd.github.io

Email: work [at] sporesmoldsandfungus.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote, Poland (UK +1 timezone), Java and Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL

We are a passionate team of experienced Java and Ruby on Rails programmers producing advanced web applications for clients located in the UK and US.

We have just released an online market for physical gold trading capable of handling 10k+ concurrent users with horizontally scalable architecture. We are proficient in Spring, JPA/Hibernate, Play, GWT, PostgreSQL, JQuery, and love to use Twitter Bootstrap.

If you want to extend your team dev team or build an MVP - we need to talk!

You can find more about us here: http://codedose.com or just drop me a line: mglomba@codedose.com

SEEKING WORK - Belfast, London, or Remote.

Full stack web developer specialising in Django. Looking for opportunities to work with interesting companies doing web app development and improving business processes (eg simplification of existing processes, automation of repetitive tasks etc.)

In the past I've worked on high traffic sites, large enterprise sites with multiple developers, and for startup companies.

Please email me if you would like to see my CV and maybe we can work together in the future.


Neil Lyons mail@neillyons.io http://neillyons.io https://github.com/nwjlyons

SEEKING WORK - Seattle WA-based Full Stack, Ruby on Rails/HTML/CSS/Javascript/SQL developer. Open to remote work.

History: former UChicago grad (Math, Econ), management consultant turned developer. Been programming for 2 yrs; been doing web dev for the past year. Looking to gain further experience. Quick learner, good communicater, design-oriented, semantic, documented, test-driven, detail-oriented, and a professional communicator. Rates at 75/hour. Negotiable if the project is cool enough and I have the bandwidth.

See my work: www.amyhua.me

Feel free to email me with any questions and an idea of what you are working on at foramyhua@gmail.com. Thanks!

SEEKING WORK - Remote (LA area)

iOS developer with OpenGL experience, but I love learning new technologies so I'm open to any interesting projects.

a couple recent projects: http://mirada.com/stories/mirrorworld http://www.storyskeleton.com

Github: https://github.com/sweetmandm Resume: http://www.davidsweetman.com/resume/

You can contact me at david@davidsweetman.com. Thanks!

SEEKING WORK (Toronto, remote work fine) - I’m a marketing and technical writer with experience writing user manuals, online help, Web site copy, press releases, proposals FAQs, screencasts, scripts, and other written material. I’m all about clear, simple, and straightforward writing that engages the reader -- and marketing writing that sells. My writing is in your voice, meeting your needs, and speaking to your audience. If you're seeking someone for ongoing writing work who's low-drama, reliable, fast, friendly, and a quick study, I'm your man. Drop me a line at jonathanacohen@gmail.com and let's talk!

SEEKING FREELANCER - D3 Front-End and Data Visualization Consultant (Up to 3 Months) - New York


At Gro Ventures, we are pioneering agricultural supercomputing as a means to transform Africa into a breadbasket for the world in a span of 20 years. African agriculture is riddled with inefficiencies rooted in the lack of free-flowing, real-time information—a necessary component for data-driven reform and the creation of a truly functional commodities market. Data visualization is at the heart of agricultural supercomputing, defined as the integration of various technologies widely used around the world today to create the first real-time agricultural data analytics platform for Africa. Through agroinformatics and state of the art data visualization, we will for the first time in Africa’s history allow real time data driven decision making.

The project will consist of building several customized web visualizations based off the results of an agricultural study of several countries. We are seeking individuals or teams who can develop a visualization application consisting of pricing, yield, weather and various other economic and commodities driven data. You will work directly with our Head Data Scientist and Research Analysts to design and implement a state-of-the-art web visualization.

We are looking for talented, experienced engineers to work out of NYC for a period of 4-12 weeks depending on agreed upon timelines and deliverables.

Candidates must be proficient in the following areas: -Extensive Javascript and CSS experience. -Experience with one or more SVG or Canvas-based visualization toolkits, i.e. D3.js, or a keen interest in learning. -Know the ins and outs of websockets and AJAX communications with various backend data services. -Understand data binding and have used MV* frameworks enough to be dangerous. -Prior data analysis experience (even at the Excel level) very useful. -Basic understanding of financial concepts, including pricing and returns

Interested candidates should submit a resume or LinkedIn profile by email to info@gro-ventures.com with the subject line D3 Front-End and Data Visualization Consultant.

SEEKING WORK - Remote Bioinformatics software developer, experience with the numpy/pandas/scikit world, analyzing FASTA data, flourescence images from microfluidic arrays, and reliability information from lab processes (SPC). I've worked on software that dealt directly with experimental data, and also custom lab management dashboards. I've worked in environments requiring HIPAA compliance. Additionally, I have plenty of web development experience, with django, javascript, clojure[script], and d3.js. Get in touch with hire@thejohnnybrown.com and let's see how we can help each other.

SEEKING FREELANCER: Looking to build a complicated mobile and web app that run in conjunction. OK with remote, solo freelancer, or team. Seeking developer that can handle complex problems. Please reply to email in profile.

SEEKING WORK - Remote (Buenos Aires, Argentina based) I've building apps with Python for over 4 years, mainly with Django as framework, but I also worked with: tornado server, rabbitmq, postgresql, mysql, mongodb, redis, elasticsearch and neo4j. I've some experience working with frontend techonologies too, some javascript/jquery and a bit of CSS.

I'm slowly transitioning to ML/NLP technologies. I enjoy dealing with data and finding patterns in it. I've been playing a bit with R and with some great python libraries: pandas, scikit-learn and nltk.

If you're interested, my e-mail is in the profile.


I've worked for 3 startups so far doing web development. I'm also a Community TA for the Startup Engineering class and for the Machine Learning class at Coursera (Stanford).

Python: Django/Tornado/GAE Framework

node.js: express.js, ejs, Sequelize, Bookshelf

Frontend: jQuery, D3.js, Backbone.js, AngularJS, Bootstrap

IAAS/PASS: Linode, Heroku, Google App Engine, AWS

Databases: Postgresql, MongoDB, Redis, mysql

Tools: vim, git, Chrome Dev tools, virtualenv, foreman, vagrant, screen, emacs, Dotfiles

Git workflows: Feature branch, Dev/Staging/Production

ML/Statistics/Sci: Octave, R

Github: https://github.com/ccarpenterg

Drop me a line: ccarpenterg@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote / London

Developing professionally for 12 years. I prefer to build new web applications and lead the projects as they scale. Suited to working with companies wanting to build new projects or redevelop existing ones.

I have a strong focus on application architecture and create neat, stable and maintainable JS, CSS and backend code. I use tests to ensure features are solid don't break once built.

My tools of choice are Ruby on Rails with Postgres, CSS using LESS or SCSS and JS using jQuery, Spine.JS and CoffeeScript. RSpec and Cucumber for testing.

Email me at luke@sketchconsulting.com for some descriptions of recent projects and my rate.

SEEKING WORK - Remote (UK based)

My name is Chris Pattle

I am an experienced and talented developer who can do web and mobile. I am a very efficient backend developer yet I have the attention to detail and ability to create great UI/UX.

I am looking for part time freelance work and I can provide GREAT references from previous clients.

Skill set: PHP (very efficient), node.js, MySQL, CMS's, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, git, Subversion

Github: https://github.com/pattle Website: http://www.chrispattle.com Email: chris.pattle@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote preferred, based in Dublin,Ireland

Experienced full-stack web & mobile developer on a range of technologies and business sectors. Most recently proficient in .net mvc 4 & android 4.x, but also experience in the following (not exclusive):

C#,.NET, PHP, Ruby, Linux, JavaScript, Android, Blackberry, Win Mobile, HTML5/CSS/SASS, C/C++, RDBMS

A lot of bespoke (and so closed source) work, but some github code linked from my blog; e-mail me if interested for resume & work details. http://www.brendanwhelan.net/contact

SEEKING WORK - NYC or remote.

I'm a front-leaning, full-stack developer.

Primary expertise on the backend is in Rails, but I've been using Node.js for some new projects. Data stores that I love: Redis, MongoDB, Elastic Search, Postres. Data stores that I use when called upon: MySQL. :)

Front-end: Angular.js, Sass, Jade, Grunt, Coffeescript, etc.

Love data visualization, love data extraction, love data. I've successfully bootstrapped a startup, I've been CTO, I've been all over the stack. I'm of most service the earlier stage a start-up is.

Portfolio: http://eatingthe.com

Btw, email is: jeremy@superplussed.com

SEEKING WORK - Eindhoven, The Netherlands / Remote

Experienced software developer with team lead experience and a hacker attitude. I'm a full-stack web developer and embedded software engineer with 12 years of professional experience doing small and large projects with a large variety of platforms and technologies.

Currently specializing in:

    * C#/.NET software (Windows and Linux/Mono, web and desktop)
    * Cross-platform mobile apps on iOS, Android and Windows Phone 
      (using Xamarin / MonoTouch / MonoDroid)
I'm experienced with all modern Microsoft technologies and frameworks, but I often find that there's open source out there that's better. If you use .NET but disregard non-Microsoft tech, you're really missing out!

Besides the above, I'm fluent in C, C++ (Win32 API, microcontrollers, Linux), JavaScript (, TypeScript, CoffeeScript), PHP, Python, Ruby, and Java (incl Android). Finally, I occasionally help teams embrace modern engineering practices, such as TDD, continuous integration, or a structured agile approach.

Most of my recent work has been unfortunately closed-source proprietary stuff, but for a peek at my code, see:

https://github.com/eteeselink/fakethat (down-to-earth C# mocking framework)

https://github.com/eteeselink/YieldMachine (C# state machines)

https://github.com/eteeselink/cdhere (little C++ console tool that talks to Windows Explorer)

Something of a CV can be found at http://www.linkedin.com/in/egbert.

I can work on-site in the Netherlands, or remotely. I started freelancing only recently, so my portfolio isn't as well presented as yet I'd like it to. Nevertheless, you can find contact info on my placeholder website at http://superset.eu.

SEEKING WORK - Norwich, UK and remote

I have 12 years professional experience building sites and applications with open source technologies. I am an ex-Yahoo engineer, am reliable, and get stuff done. PHP, Perl | Laravel, CodeIgniter | MySQL, MongoDB

I often utilise Test Driven Development, and strive to produce clean, maintainable code.

More backend focused than front-end, but have good experience of working with standards-compliant HTML, CSS, JS as well as JQuery and D3.

I am particularly skilled at working with large legacy code bases.

http://www.glenscott.co.uk/ glen@glenscott.co.uk

Seeking Work: Toronto, Canada / Remote

My situation: Currently I'm working in algorithmic trading in NYC, but for various reasons I will be moving to Toronto sometime early 2014. This is my first time posting something like this, but it may be worth a shot. Therefore I am looking for something either remote or in the Toronto area.


- PhD in applied math from one of the top US schools

- Knowledgeable in machine learning, statistics, optimization, graph theory, etc.

- Fluent in a multitude of programming languages

Things I would be interested in working with: - Haskell, Erlang, GPUs, FPGAs, ZeroMQ, C++11, (or other cool stuff)

Contact me at randomwalk152 % gmail % com

SEEKING WORK - Remote / Berlin I'm a full-stack developer, mostly JavaScript/node.js but open to any technology. Co-founded the wonderful startup upcload.com (been there CTO for 3 years) and now looking for new exciting projects. See my stuff at https://github.com/strathausen (too busy to polish my code yet) and my blog at http://stratha.us

I will be available from February on. Feel free to contact me at strathausen@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK: Remote full stack web engineer (Node.js)

I have been building web apps since 2005 and have experience with a wide range of stacks including Rails, PHP and Node.js. My current technologies of choice are Node.js, Express, Angular, Backbone, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Ubuntu, Heroku, AWS, Vim, Git and more. I love working with startups and am flexible with availability and compensation.

Blog: http://www.syskall.com

Github: http://github.com/olalonde

Email: olalonde@gmail.com


I'm a product designer (UX + UI) and a front-end developer. Here's some examples of my work… http://blendmode.co.uk

Here's what I do best:

- Planning: wireframes, on paper or in Balsamiq

- Concepts: Photoshop mock-ups of pages and flows

- Build: HTML, CSS and JS. I prefer HAML, SASS and CoffeeScript

- Integration: I can integrate into any app or framework.

I've been a designer/developer since 2002. For the last 3 years, I've been focused on helping start-ups design and build their products.

Get in touch via my portfolio or mitchell@blendmode.co.uk. Thanks!

SEEKING WORK - Perth, Australia or remote

Hi random interweb guy or gal. I'm a full stack developer seeking freelance work so I can buy food.

Here's a quick laundry list of technologies that are fresh in my cranium:

Frontend: HTML5(canvas, filesystem ...), AngularJS, KineticJS, Bootstrap, Less, Facebook & Twitter API

Backend: web2py, Play!, Google App Engine

Languages: python, java, javascript, tcl

Here's a fun Movemberish sample of my work: http://www.facetache.com

More info at http://AndrewDyster.com/

SEEKING WORK - on premise in the bay area only or remote.

I'm a data scientist running a one man shop doing business with increasingly higher level clients (including govts) doing data collection,cleaning, monitoring, and updates. I have built out a deep learning infrastructure capable of gathering and organizing any data you are looking for.

I also do hadoop and associated technologies. I also do web dev in node, spring and other JVM web frameworks, django.

My front skills are primarily d3.js and angular with less or normal CSS. Reach out with what you're looking for.

SEEKING WORK - Remote or onsite (Paris, France - but can travel in Europe for short periods)

Full-stack web developer with good business sense. Experience with large scale projects and high traffic as lead or core developer. PHP, Drupal, Symfony. High rates.

Portfolio: http://tv2.dk , http://www.france24.com as lead or core developer

Github: https://github.com/nand2

Contact: ndeschildre at gmail

SEEKING WORK: Remote (NYC Based).

Growth Hacker and full stack engineer with 10 years experience build web applications and engineer teams. Will work closely with business stakeholders and customers to determine requirements and implement what is truly needed.

Proficient in AngularJS/NodeJS/Ruby/Golang on top of MongoDB/Rethinkdb/Postgres.

http://chrisgarvis.com http://cgarvis.github.com cgarvis@gmail.com

SEEKING FREELANCER - California (Remote OK)

Android Prototype/MVP

Myself and a couple colleagues have an iOS sports trivia app at (http://playhattrick.com). We're getting some good download and usage numbers. People are asking for an Android version so we're looking for someone to help us build a prototype/MVP version. This isn't a long or big budget project but if it sounds interesting & you love sports, please get in touch.


SEEKING WORK -- remote, U.S. timezone

Full-stack architect / senior developer; a pioneer of social networking ( Ryze ); Recently created web-based IDE & cloud-based app testing infrastructure for one startup. Experience co-founding several funded startups, managing product, setting up analytics and A/B testing and growing metrics. Looking for next adventure...

Ph.D. in Math, nonlinear optimization, at age 20...

Python, Java, Android, PHP, MySQL, Node.js, MongoDB, ...



I have a strong SysAdmin background i've been around the IT marked for 20 years, currently i am working with HP as team lead for Unix Engineering team for american airlines, supporting a farm of about 1500 servers running RH linux, Solaris and HP-UX, also supporting a large VM cloud based on ESXi.

Please check my LinkedIN account: http://ar.linkedin.com/in/adriangrebin/

Please mail me at: adrian.grebin@gmail.com

SEEKING FREELANCER - REMOTE I am the founder of OpenDomain - we are "open source for domains." We have given dozens of domains to open source groups and non profits for free.

We are looking for anyone to help us create tutorials on Ruby on Rails, the Web Platform, or NoSQL.

We are also looking for people with out technical skills: If you can sell, know growth marketing, or have some contacts with doctors, we have another domain that has very high potential.

I respond to all of my emails. Hacker AT myHNName DOT org

If you're in NYC, check out https://treatings.co to meet collaborators/potential job referrers over coffee

SEEKING WORK - Vilnius, Lithuania/Remote (UTC+02:00)

Software developer with extensive experience in building scalable web solutions and Android apps. From large-scale social networks (up to 50K simultaneous online users), financial web applications that utilize machine-learning algorithms for loan default prediction to Android applications and modern one-page SaaS web apps.

Java: Play Framework, Spring Framework, Android

Javascript: Backbone.JS, Marionette, jQuery

Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB

Contact me at: paulius@satorisolutions.lt

SEEKING WORK - Remote or local; based in Fremont, CA (Silicon valley bay area)

Expert in Natural Language Processing (NLP) with focus on Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs), Neo4j graph database using Blueprints and Gremlin, image processing and computer vision using OpenCV.

Java, C#, C++, Python. Using Java mainly for NLP/NLU tasks.


Email address in my profile.

SEEKING WORK - London, UK remote ok with similar timezone.

Full-stack developer, proficient in web applications or complex backend systems. Looking for contract opportunities or decent sized freelance projects.

Specialise in C# .NET full-stack including MVC, WebAPI, SignalR, TDD, BDD (Specflow) and many new technologies.

Also working on Python (Flask/SQLAlchemy) and Ruby/Rails in my spare time.

Have around 6 months experience in Angular.js commercially.

seandrumm.co.uk / github.com/sjdweb / s@seandrumm.co.uk

SEEKING WORK - Remote - Any timezone, Australia/NZ/Japan/Taiwan best

Specialize in LAMP web applications & database schema, happy to work as a solo developer or lend a hand to a team. A recognized face in the CodeIgniter community.


(php) CodeIgniter, Laravel, SlimPhp, AuraPhp

(database) Mysql, MongoDB

(javascript) Angular.js, Jquery

(design) Css & Html just fine, but not a designer

Contact me at jrmadsen67 -at- gmail -dot- com, or visit my website at http://codebyjeff.com

SEEKING FREELANCER - Remote - U.S., Canada, Western Europe only

We're a stealth online start-up seeking an experienced full-stack Rails developer or small team for a challenging project. Probably 6 week contract. Must have at least 2 years solid Rails experience developing web apps. Must have good amount of availability and be able to start within 1 week. Please include your CV, links to past projects and link to Linkedin profile if you have one. [railsprojectapp] a.t. g-m-a-i-l Thank you

SEEKING WORK - NYC or remote

I'm mostly proficient with Python and Django, but I can learn new technologies quickly if you need me to. Most of my experience has been with helping people build MVP's or helping to maintain or rework some small websites, so if you think you need something similar, please email me at haroldsmart@live.co.uk. I live in NYC, but can work remotely if that's an option.

Contact: haroldsmart@live.co.uk Portfolio: In the works. {www.greysden.com}

Thank you

SEEKING FREELANCER - Sunnyvale, California / Remote

We're a small bootstrapped business in Silicon Valley and we're looking to build two native mobile apps (one for Android, one for iOS) for browsing and displaying files with an existing cloud-based API.

The first phase of the apps will just be file browsing. The second phase will include other activities (to be described).

If you have proven ability to deliver native apps in Android or iOS, we'd love to talk!

Contact via support at amahi.

SEEKING WORK - UK Based or remote

We build educational kids games on mobile, our clients have included SMART Technologies, PBS KIDS and Pearson Education.

We can design and build 2D games on mobile with a quick turnaround. Have spent a lot of time getting our pipeline right in order to publish on iOS and android super efficiency.

Our own consumer facing games at: http://www.tigerfacegames.com

Drop me a line at hello@tigerfacegames.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote or anywhere in Switzerland

I'm a Magento developer. Worked on all kinds of projects, from big multichannel shops to small local outlets.

Check out some of my projects on http://mobweb.ch/portfolio/. Also have a look at my open sourced extensions on GitHub: https://github.com/mobweb.

Contact: info@mobweb.ch

SEEKING WORK - Remote, <6 month projects

Experienced developer with a keen aesthetic sense. I've worked with startups, corporations, government.

Favorite buzzwords: Clojure, Scala, JavaScript, Backbone


https://kavyar.com/ - Frontend (Backbone), backend (Scala)

https://www.gorecess.com/ - Frontend (Backbone)



Nice work, but you should let gorecess.com know their landing page looks almost exactly like airbnb's.

SEEKING WORK - San Francisco, CA - Prefer local (not necessarily in your office), remote negotiable

Mobile engineer with experience shipping Android and iOS apps. I am currently working on my own projects but looking to take on a little extra work. Preferably short-medium term projects. My most recent work included porting an iOS app to Android from scratch.

Preferred work: Java/Android, iOS/Obj-C contact: rob /at/ alwaysallthetime.com

SEEKING WORK - Mountain View, California || SoCal || Remote

Michael Baker, Front-End Engineer:

A developer that not only turns spec into code, but is an asset to help better your user experience and profit margin. Studied Computer Science with a background working with creative marketing agencies.


• PSD to HTML5, CSS3 + JS conversions.

• Creative JavaScript animations.

• Fast turn around times for ad agencies.

• Responsive Web Apps on LAMP stack and Node.js.

Check out http://psd2rwd.com


Over 6 years of experience in logo and web design. Check out my portfolio: http://www.dffrnt.com and my dribbble: http://dribbble.com/vjk2005

Email: design@dffrnt.com

Most recent work: Logo for Pomodorize.me - http://i.imgur.com/GTBdgFD.jpg

SEEKING WORK - Remote (IN, US) - iOS Developer


iOS Developer, 4.5 years experience. I can take any JSON API and wrap it up in great mobile app! If you need help with designing a REST API for a transition to mobile from the web, I can do that too.

Github: https://github.com/ryanworl, pretty empty because most work is contract/private.

CONTACT ryantworl@gmail.com, resume available upon request

SEEKING FREELANCER - Berlin area preferred, remote is okay

JAVASCRIPT DEVELOPER: We're a Berlin-based online advertising company seeking a skilled Javascript dev. Specifically, we're looking for someone to help us build a challenging project using a modern web development stack (ExtJS, Laravel/PHP, AWS, Git)

EXT JS 4: Experience with the Ext JS 4 MVC framework is a big plus.

Contact: echo bmFiaWxhQHJlZHBpbmVhcHBsZW1lZGlhLmNvbQo= | base64 -d

SEEKING Freelance - NYC / Remote - Long or Short Term Projects

I am a User Experience and Front End Developer. I have experience relevant with Large Web Applications. I usually work on:

Front end dev User Experience Design

My usual stack includes: Ruby on Rails, HTML, HAML, CSS, SASS, Heroku, Ember.js or Angular.js, Javascript, jQuery, Postgres, Photoshop, Omnigraffle, Git, Bootstrap


SEEKING WORK - Remote preferred or Melbourne, Australia

Operations / System Administrator

-AWS, CDN's + performance improvement

-Metrics - Statsd, Graphite, NewRelic + more

-Chef, infrastructure as code, automation

-All your standard Linux stack

-Communication and documentation

Migrated large websites to AWS, including http://lonelyplanet.com

I can build, fix or improve anything based on a Linux machine.

Contact: http://mbarger.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote ok (based in Indiana).

I'm a Junior developer with an enthusiasm for business. At the last startup I worked for I did equal work on the development and business side of operations.


Web: ASP.net/C#, Javascript (6 months) Backend: Java (2 years) Database: MySQL, SQL Server

My current project involves scraping TB's of data from e-commerce sites around the world. My education is in math and economics. Email: gregw134@gmail.com.

Looking for freelance work as a fullstack developer presently located in Russia but can travel worldwide without needing Visa.

- Ruby / Rails 4.0 / RSpec, Cucumber etc.

- JavaScript(Ember, jQuery)

- DevOps, admin

- Able to be in limited designer capacity

If your project is cool I can probably coax some local developers to join in on the project.

http://livetorchrelay.com - most recent live project - about 4 days worth of work.

SEEKING WORK - Knoxville, Tennessee (GMT -5) or remote

Front-end web developer and designer focusing on responsive design. I can also do some light back-end work with Python and Flask, if you don't need anything too serious.

I'm interested in working with startups, local businesses, and creatives.

Check out my portfolio and get in touch with me at http://raddevon.com/.

SEEKING WORK - Los Angeles or Remote

Ruby on Rails Developer + Hardware Hacker (I especially love projects that involve both!)

Bread & Butter Stack: Rails, PostgreSQL, Heroku, with ZURB Foundation on the front-end. I also do A/B testing work. (Visual Website Optimizer)

Mention you're from HN for a free 45 minute Skype/G+ Hangout consultation where we can discuss your project and the best way to reach/exceed your goals :)

SEEKING WORK - Remote or onsite (Cologne/Bonn area in Germany)

I have spent the last 7 years building all kinds of applications with ruby on rails.

I love working with ruby, rails, coffeescript, but I am also eager to learn new stuff (currently dabbling with ember.js).

As a former sysadmin, I also do not mind taking care of the operations side of things. I also have limited experience with puppet.

Contact: consulting at roetzel dot de

SEEKING WORK - REMOTE only (Germany based)

- Python, C++/C, wrote several Python Extensions with and without Cython, Performance Optimization, OOA/OOD, UML, Database Design & Development, Web-Development, JavaScript, Tornado

- very dependable, looking at the whole application not only short term fixes

- looking for longer engagements, but only an utilization of 20-60%

Contact: hnalpha.pythonic /at/ spamgourmet.com

SEEKING WORK - Mexico / Remote 3+ years of experience in web development.

What I can create/work with:

- Wordpress themes and plugins

- Drupal 7

- Responsive websites

- CSS3 / HTML5 compliance

- Offline web applications

- Javascript frameworks (jQuery, Underscore)

What I'm working with right now:

- Angular.js

Success stories:

I've worked with brands such as Bimbo, Marinela (http://www.marinelausa.com), Procter & Gamble, Johnsons Baby and Campbell's.

Email: aurelio at beluga.io


We're building a marketplace to make it easier to get a small business loan. Looking for a full-stack Rails developer to work with our CTO and help us with day-to-day feature development.

Rails 4, Ruby 2, rspec etc.

Looking for a minimum of 20 hours a week on-site in Flatiron. We are flexible with hourly/daily/weekly rates.

Email us: railsdevneeded _at_ hotmail.com


SEEKING WORK - Brighton UK Microcontroller programming for sensors actuators and feedback loops - interface libraries written in c, c++ and python. Microcontroller experience includes PIC dsPIC and Arduino. Work includes automation of high precision physics experiments as well as digital interactive entertainment applications. website: Nseymoursmith.github.io

SEEKING WORK - Remote (IN, US) Full stack web dev, C#/Asp.net/web api/ SPA (knockout/durandal lately), Also lots of ecommerce/marketing/SEO experience

I love taking on unique projects, but feel free to inquire about anything.

My linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/bejmorri

SEEKING WORK - remote or Cincinnati area

I am a programmer and also have done engineering team management and enjoy doing both.

My preference is to work on open source development projects or do systems administration on open source stacks and cloud technologies.

Also, I have a particular interest in audio synthesis.



Highly experienced front-end designer and developer with over a decade of experience. Photoshop, PHP, Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CMS

recent work: Dribbble: http://dribbble.com/codeddesign Website: http://codeddesign.org

SEEKING WORK: London, Remote, or NYC (though I'd need a Visa)

Front-End Development: HTML 5, CSS 3 (including responsiveness and animations), jQuery

Graphic Design: Photoshop and Illustrator

WordPress: custom theme development from scratch

Some programming knowledge: Python, Php, Ruby, Rails, AngularJS, Git

Portfolio: http://bbxdesign.com


...for a couple of hours per week.

- An expert when it comes to http://refinerycms.com/.

- In love with open source, Ruby, Rails and lately Ember.js.



SEEKING WORK - Remote, Hartford, CT

Primarily a ASP.NET/C#/Javascript but I've worked with PHP and Wordpress and dabble in Python from time to time.

Worked for enterprise, large ecommerce, facebook games and my own saas startup.

Resume, Portfolio, References, Work Examples @ http://jfarrellism.com

SEEKING WORK - Toronto - Remote

Python, Javascript (Jquery, Angular, D3),

SQL, NoSQL, App Engine, Scaling past SQL

Vector space models, NLP, search engines

Currently working on built-in crowdsourced/crowdfunded data science competition platform

Resume http://workscreens.appspot.com/static/umarnawaz.html

SEEKING WORK - Remote Experience developer looking for part time gigs. I can do both front end and back end, below are my skills. I am in NYC.

Back end - Java,J2EE,Spring,Hibernate,Oracle,Nodejs,Express, Mongo, Databases, SQL, Linux, Web services, REST, Python, Django Front end - HTML, CSS, Javascript, Angular, Bootstrap

Email is in my profile.


I am an ACM ICPC world finalist and I'm heavily interested in algorithmic problems, as well as network servers and website back-ends.

My main languages are Python, C, Javascript, C#, C++, Java, and Haskell.

Github: https://github.com/lessandro

Contact: lessandro@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote (I'm based in Connecticut)

Full-stack web developer. I'd especially like to help you build your MVP.

Primary skills are Python/Django, HTML/CSS, Javascript, and learning whatever needs to be learned to build your project.



SEEKING WORK, Remote, Based in Brazil.

Full stack developer. HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript and Python specialist.

AngularJS, Ember.js, Backbone, Rails, Django, WordPress or Node.js.

Careers 2.0 profile: http://careers.stackoverflow.com/sudowilliam

Contact: sudowilliam [at] gmail [dot] com

SEEKING WORK, Chicago, IL. Remote OK.

- UX design

- Mobile Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone (Phonegap/Cordova)

- Front end stuff: jQuery, BackboneJS, AngularJS, Coffeescript, Bootstrap, LessCSS (can work with most other frameworks or languages)

- Backend end stuff: Python/Flask, Rails, C# / .NET (MVC4/WebAPI)

- Managed live deployments on AWS, Heroku and GAE

SEEKING WORK - remote - GMT (London)

I've just completed a credit monitoring job for a client in California. Tech used: Scala + Play!, AngularJS, Amazon SQS, ElasticSearch, MongoDB.

Other than that, I have 10-ish years Java and other server-side experience.

My website: http://opyate.com


This isn't meant to be a list of recruiting companies. Please only submit specific openings.

So if I'm looking for different types of freelancers I can't post that? This is a freelancer thread, we should be able to post who were looking for.

That's perfectly fine - but quite different from posting a list of recruiters.

SEEKING WORK - Remote My primary tools are Ruby(on Rails/Sinatra/Padrino), JavaScript(jQuery, Backbone, Raphael). I would love to talk to you so please get in touch. Visit http://coderelax.com or email: filipe@coderelax.com

SEEKING WORK - Remote/Freelance Python/Django/jQuery, with extensive experience building e-commerce marketplaces. I have a research background, data analysis, playing around with NLP right now. I run a django dev shop, currently taking gigs for it. Here's my portfolio:

* http://www.cloudshuffle.com/

* http://www.sidmitra.com/portfolio.html

Contact details in my profile or the link above. Here're some examples from my portfolio:

* http://turbotaxcpaselect.intuit.com - Turbotax CPA Select, to help select accountants.

* http://www.ecomarket.com - An online marketplace for ethical and eco friendly products.

* http://www.teaspiller.com - An online marketplace for tax experts. [Recently acquired by Intuit]

* http://www.knowyourbank.com

* http://www.garnishbar.com - social network, to share mixed drink recipes

* http://www.fertilityplanit.info - a niche social network for women to securely and privately discuss fertility issues.

* http://www.fratmusic.com - an online radio streaming app serving over 1.3 million uniques a month. * http://loudfarm.com - A music event site.

* Wisekangaroo: https://www.dropbox.com/gallery/10832416/1/Cloudshuffle/Web-.... - Find a tutor. Working on relaunch in a new avatar

* http://www.hypedsound.com/ - a music sharing platform, working on V2.

Github: http://github.com/sidmitra

Homepage: http://www.sidmitra.com


Ruby, Rails & DevOps with Chef

Github: https://github.com/rmoriz

Profile: https://roland.io/

Contact: https://roland.io/contact

SEEKING WORK - San Diego, CA or Remote

I'm an experienced UX Designer that can help create prototypes and wireframes, establish a strong product strategy, set up user testing, or run usability audits on your site or product and make recommendations on what to improve.

Contact: hi [at] myusername [dot] com

Seeking Work REMOTE - Whatever technology you want to work with. I'm located in the midwest. Fullstack dev, I have experience with C, assembly on various platforms, javascript, Java, python, ruby, php, lua, lisp. Unix heavy, Postgres/Oracle/MySQL.

SEEKING WORK - Bespoke built web applications, Manchester, Chorlton, Salford areas, North West of England. Can/will work remote. I have a few front-end design guys who are very experienced who I work with. I typically work at £14 per hour. Give me a shout :)

you forgot your contact info.

SEEKING WORK - Europe or remote

I build Ruby on Rails and Ember.js applications based on your idea.

Ruby / Rails (since version 2.x) / TDD / Git

MySql / PostgreSql / MongoDB

Html, css, haml, scss, Ember.js

info: http://acts-as-consultancy.com/


Multi-disciplined designer with a specialty in branding and illustration. I've worked with big agencies like Draft FCB and smaller firms like Thirst, as well as many musicians and non-profits.

View my portfolio at idiotpull.com/portfolio.

SEEKING WORK - Munich, Germany - Remote

I love building web applications and developing for Android. My greatest passion is the application of Machine Learning methods to challenging problems.

You can reach me at: hn AT th4t.net

Keywords: Python, Django, Angular.js, HTML5, fullstack, pandas, d3.js

SEEKING FREELANCE WEB DESIGNER (NYC OR REMOTE) Looking for designer for http://www.learneroo.com but don't yet have funding. Email me at ak[at]learneroo.com if interested.

SEEKING WORK — remote.

Ruby, Rails, Ember.js, Redis, MongoDB.

Web: http://goshakkk.name/projects.html

GitHub: https://github.com/goshakkk

Email: me@goshakkk.name

SEEKING WORK - San Francisco - Remote - Travel Possible

Experienced pair of software developers with a history in startups. Proficient in:

  * Python  ['django', 'bottle', 'google.app.engine']
  * Ruby  [:rails => 'heroku']
  * Javascript  ['angular','backbone','node'];
  * Clojure  '(Compojure)
  * Haskell, Go (and other esoterics)
We've helped entrepreneurs develop their MVP, as well as large companies develop core features. We provide services such as feature development, product management, and software auditing.

Previous engagements include Getaround, Codecademy, Factset, Wakemate, drip.fm, and Swiftstack, among others.

For more info see our page at http://turbines.io, or talk to us at hn@turbines.io

SEEKING FREELANCER - NY or Remote - Contract

Pitch Me is currently looking for a young full-stack developer to help build the back-end and also work on the design under direction. Needs PHP, MySQL, HTML and so on.

Get in touch: hello@pitchme.org.

advice: never put in a job opening you're looking for somebody YOUNG

could you plz specify why not? I mean if I apply and get interviewed and do a trial project only to be told at the end that I am not young enough, I'd be very disappointed. Isn't it better to mention upfront that they need someone young and energetic? (I don't have much experience hiring, so may be someone can fill me why it is considered to be a bad practice.)

It can be illegal to suggest preference for age in hiring.


C Haskell POSIX Perl JS HTML5 MATLAB … … …

Github: https://github.com/llelf

Contacts & few examples: http://lelf.lu

SEEKING WORK - Remote. Im a designer. UI UX HTML CSS

http://dribbble.com/ijw (some works) My contacts are available in my dribbble profile.

SEEKING WORK - Remote/SF Based Web Developer Strong: Ruby, Rails, Redis, Mysql, HTML/CSS Medium: PHP, Postgres, Javascript, Jquery yan [at] cal-sys.com No recruiters please


http://www.myrudis.com has several freelancing opportunities open for developers, designers, and writers.

Do we need to buy credits inorder to place a bid?

You keep 100% of your income, but employers do set a nominal amount of credits (usually $1-3) per bid on their projects. This is really beneficial for both parties. If you've ever used other freelance marketplaces, you'll know that it's difficult to get noticed when you drown in a sea of bids. And usually, the freelancers never even read the project description. The bid fee ensures that freelancers are serious and qualified for the job, reducing spam and making you much more noticeable.


Experienced Ruby/Rails developer for most of the stack. My UI work is basic, not beautiful. Have worked on Heroku and self hosted apps. Primarily Rails 3.

SEEKING PROJECTS - iOS Developer (Remote or Los Angeles) Only $200/hour.

Portfolio: http://www.solankiapps.com

SEEKING WORK - London or Remote Marketing Strategy Consultant

Currently working with a wide range of big companies/organisations & startups.

Feel free to contact me on j.d.lethem@gmail.com

SEEKING WORK: Remote (single developer)

Ready to work on a project or ready to join a remote team as well. Experienced in full-stack development with Java, Grails, and Rails.

Seeking Work - Remote / Travel ok.

HTML5, JavaScript, PHP and WordPress



Any work related to computer networks, have some programming experience in C, NodeJS.

contact- ieyesight@live.com



Design & Custom Wordpress CMS Development.

US Based (NYC). Remote.

SEEKING WORK - remote - India.

Creator of xtopdf, a PDF creation toolkit for Python (used by Packt Publishing, the Software Freedom Law Center, ESRI.nl and others.) xtopdf can create both business reports and ebooks, and currently has support for the following input formats (more are always in the pipeline): text, DBF, CSV, TSV/TDV, XLS, ODBC, SQLAlchemy, MongoDB, XML. xtopdf links:

http://slid.es/vasudevram/xtopdf https://bitbucket.org/vasudevram/xtopdf http://www.packtpub.com/article/Using_xtopdf http://google.com/search?q=xtopdf

Independent developer for the last several years, with many years of experience in many tech areas. Contracted/consulted to multiple startups based in USA and India. Earlier worked for large well-known US software product and Indian software services companies.

Skills: Good - Python, C, Linux, UNIX, many open source technologies, databases, XML-RPC, PDF programming, file and data format conversion, data munging, command-line utility development. Some: Flask, MongoDB, Bottle, various others.

Worked on Ruby, Rails and Java earlier. Server lead / senior engineer for two commercial Rails-based dot-com products earlier, by US companies. One of them was TaskBin - http://taskbin.com - for the first version.

Databases worked on: Oracle, Sybase, Informix, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, HSQLDB, MS-Access. Used (relational) databases in practically all projects I've worked on.

Did a lot of UNIX support and successful troubleshooting for years (some years earlier), still have some of those skills, which are useful in development too. Had many times recovered clients' data from corrupted file systems or crashed machines (with no backups :), using various tricks of the trade learnt on the job, and solved various other software problems, often involving various interacting software components (from OS level through language compilers to application programs and databases). Wrote lots of utilities in C and UNIX shell tools (sed, awk, grep and friends) to automate various tasks (for both users and developers), convert data between various formats from one platform to another, etc.

Not really looking for full-time UNIX / Linux admin work now, mentioning it as a possible value-add, depending on the job required.

Worked on a best-selling retail banking product (much earlier, in C with proprietary DB and UI libs). Team leader for a database middleware product widely used in client projects by a top software services company.

Relevant links:

Biz site: http://www.dancingbison.com (see Home, Products, Services, About pages there)


Posts about Python:


Posts about xtopdf:


Blog: http://jugad2.blogspot.com

Article by me about "Developing a Linux command-line utility" (in C) was published on IBM developerWorks and translated by IBM into Chinese and Japanese for those versions of their site. Some organizations have developed production command line tools using that article as a guide.

Contact info: http://dancingbison.com/contact.html (email, Skype). Twitter: @vasudevram

SEEKING WORK - Colorado (Front Range, Denver, Boulder, FtC)

on-site possible as needed but off-site/REMOTE is ideal

programming since age 10. can do contract/freelance work (have done it many times successfully in the past for variety of clients/projects) and, among other experiences, was once a salaried staff senior software engineer for Orbitz in Chicago. wide variety of languages, platforms, tech stacks, domains. prefer Python, Java, C, Linux, Unixy & open source ecosystem, CLI's and backends. web dev. mobile. desktop apps. games. performance & scalability (and thus "Big Data"). tooling. automation. prototypes. startups. Read classic CS papers in bed at night for fun. Have designed and written my own software and brought to market. Python is my favorite language now but have had periods in the past where I did C or Java daily for many years. Experience as a startup CTO. Wrote a comedy novella and published that earlier this year. Maintain my own Rogue-like (on GitHub, in Python.) Written outline for a planned book on Software Performance & Scalability and writing the first few chapters is underway. I have a track record of solving difficult technical problems that either stumped or were missed (or, often, caused) by previous developers, and of Getting Things Done. I ship. I love agile and I love iterating. And transparency and automation.

my geeky portfolio site, with much more info: http://synisma.neocities.org

my email is there, and here in my HN profile

SEEKING WORK: Bulgaria (GMT+2, I don't mind staying up at night).

I have experience in increasing product sales across multiple industries. I have operated my own ecommerce sites but problems with customs killed my cashflow.(nothing exotic).

Skilset: Copywriting - landing pages, newsletters, advertorials, PPC. Managing analytics accounts, designing sales funnels. Advertising relations.

email - toranaga (dot) san (at) outlook (dot) com


    Toronto, ON - REMOTE OR ON SITE
    Web - HTML5/CSS3/JS(Angular, Backbone, Lodash)PHP/PERL
    Mobile - Have deployed commercial applications on BB/Android/iPhone using phonegap/cordova.
    Desktop - Assembly, C++, C, C#
Honestly? I can code anything you want on any platform.

Registration is open for Startup School 2019. Classes start July 22nd.

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