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Will Meteor kill Rails? Don't know, but Passenger open sources Meteor support (phusion.nl)
31 points by FooBarWidget on Nov 1, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

The first 7 words of this post's title are worthless. Why do people feel compelled to use marketingspeak? Now the discussion here [I'm guilty of this too, now] is about those words instead of the content of the article -- which is actually a decent read. Meteor is interesting and has a ton of potential, and Phusion Passenger support is a great step forward in its production readiness and future adoption rate. I would love it if we could just focus on that.

The title is a direct reference to an article from the front-page of HN yesterday titled "Why Meteor will kill Ruby on Rails"

article: http://differential.io/blog/meteor-killin-rails

HN discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=6642893

Aha. Thank you for the context.

Meteor is not going to kill Rails. I don't know why I've seen such an amount of news about this in the past week. You are making Meteor look like it's going to solve world hunger, and it's nothing more than another tool that is going to be incredibly helpful for certain things, and not so helpful for some others.

That's actually exactly what the article says. It says that each framework has its own strengths and weaknesses.

I was not refering to what the article said. Maybe I should have posted this in the thread that gave reasons for Rails dying. I just find amazing that such an amount of people think something like Meteor can kill Rails. I'm not a big fan of Rails, either, but I find kinda stupid to compare both; while both overlap at certain points, they are not as similar as people make it look like.

"Such an amount"? Aren't you blowing things out of proportion a bit?

Based on the feedback people has given in the other threads and how voted it was, there's certainly a good amount of people that think that Meteor will kill Rails. Yes, I might have exagerated a little bit, I agree.

> it's nothing more than another tool that is going to be incredibly helpful for certain things, and not so helpful for some others.

sounds a lot like rails then, at least in its early days

Very excited to see this. Hopefully, it'll make Meteor an attractive option for professionals who are deploying mission critical web applications.

@FooBarWidget, does the scaling/load balancing feature support sticky sessions?

I think Meteor can "kill" things like backbone, angular, ember.

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