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There is a class about compilers on coursera [1] which should be pretty good and more up to date.

[1] https://www.coursera.org/course/compilers

Seconded. My experience:

Taking this course was an great way to learn more about compilers and fill a hole in my CS curriculum. Professor Alex Aiken is a great instructor and covers a good amount of material. I learned a lot about compiler construction despite having toyed with my own compiler before starting the course. The programming assignments were particularly tough, giving me useful experience in building compilers and a great sense of achievement.

(TL;DR from my full blog post: http://dirkjan.ochtman.nl/writing/2012/07/21/compilers-on-co...)

The class is good, but very time-consuming and spends a lot of time on theory. Expect to spend at least 10 hours a week between lectures, quizzes, and the project.

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