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Email me if you'd like an HTML version of this. I have converted most of it for my own personal use (through part 11, IIRC) but don't want to distribute it publicly since I'm unclear on the copyright status.

I suggest you contact the IECC. They should be able to provide guidance on what you can share and how. It's old enough that they might allow separate hosting provided you link back to their site.

Thanks, will do.

Isn't contacting the author the natural thing to do? Some googling found a user profile for him: http://www.embedded.com/user/JackCrens

He's cool with it. Thanks for digging that up.

Let's find out.

Isn't this kindof "publicly"?

Yes, let's turn this into a semantic debate. Much more fun and productive.

It's not a purely semantic question - "in what way is announcing that you're distributing better than visibly distributing?" - I can think of a couple.

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