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I have written about the use case here: http://amritbera.com/journal/why-i-built-transcode-io

I don't understand the service either or how your blog posting covers this.

Does your service automatically detect what type of video the users device can play and transcode the source from whatever format you uploaded it as into something that can be played?

Or does it simply upload the file from the server it is on to S3?

I can't see anywhere that you can specify transcoding to a different resolution or format?

The current transcoding option is MP4. Its like any format TO mp4. WebM coming soon.

And its any resolution to 480p.

But all these will be configurable via the URL in a future release.

If it's to mp4, shouldn't the source path in the example URL be something other than mp4? Unless I'm misinterpreting what the path parameter is...

I realize that the mp4 container can support a wide variety of codecs and you're probably transcoding to h264/mp4, but IMO it would help to use something else here (.wmv, .avi, etc) to drive home the use case.

Yeah true. Sorry for all the confusions! I will soon make those changes :)

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