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Great job and a great product! I do have one concern which is that the site is very slow and the scripts on our pages take considerable milliseconds to get. on an average twice as much as Google Analytics. Any reason for this? Also, if we make it so that the scripts load after the page has loaded, will this cause any issues?

I guess I should post this on support

Unlike Google, we are a small company and don't have millions to throw at hosting data centers all around the world on insanely fast connections. So it is very understandable that our code loads a bit slower. It is certainly a high priorty that our service has as little effect as possible on third party sites, but competing with Google is tough business!

What if you put the scripts on Amazon EC2 (S3 or CloudFront), this will alleviate your server load and put it on Amazon's backbone.

My startup uses Amazon EC2 for hosting etc, and so far I've been very happy. We are not big either, actually we are a two-man team and definitely smaller than even you guys :) But Amazon seems affordable.

Just a thought, but no worries I think the service is still tremendous. Keep up the great job!

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