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How Important is SEO on your Startup's Priority List? (startuphustle.com)
2 points by transburgh on Oct 11, 2007 | hide | past | web | favorite | 3 comments

Not important. If you build something which people want, they'll tell their friends about it. If the majority of your users are discovering you via Google, you're doing something wrong.

I don't really agree with this logic. If you're building something that people want, your target audience should reach far beyond friends and friends-of-friends. If people want something, they're likely looking for it via a search engine these days. Neglecting search engine ranking is neglecting a large amount of potential customers that you could likely be acquiring for a very low cost.

I could make a counter case to your argument: If the majority of your users aren't discovering you via Google, your product doesn't have a wide enough audience to be viable.

That often works for free web "tools" or sites. In the service industry or selling a product, search engines are important to reach customers that are not as tech savvy.

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