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I'm working on an O'Reilly book using IPython Notebook, I'm basing my workflow on Olivier Grisel's script (with a couple of tiny fixes): https://github.com/ianozsvald/ipynbhelper which extracts the Notebook's 'markdown' blocks (which contain asciidoc which obviously won't render in the browser) & code blocks, these get exported as asciidoc for O'Reilly.

It is clunky but I'm hoping we'll get better control as nbconvert evolves, so we're experimenting with this approach.

Most of the code examples are not 'live', they're pasted in along with analysis results (the book is about high performance and parallel computing: http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920028963.do ), as lots of the examples are best run from a fresh VM.

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