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The problem is, the only people who ever read these are other programmer who already know this.

Need to find places where we can post it to NON-programmers

I'm currently back in school in a non-programmer environment, and I honestly have a hard time bringing this sort of this up to most people I know here because I just know that they won't understand why this is so important and I just don't want to deal with the interpersonal mess :( :(

Apparently programmers are the only people who think about problems. You poor little unique flower.

Write it down. It will be clearer to you. You can more easily refer back to it. You will be interrupted. You will need to do other things before you finish your current grand opus. You will lose your place in your own thoughts just by trying to hold it all in your head the whole time.

You're right, though your post would be better without mocking people.

I don't have an habit of writing stuff down, but I know I really should. That said, a couple hours of interruption-free work doesn't seem an extravagant request.

Maybe just print this out and put it up next to your workspace. Never know who might read it and stop to think, without having any sort of confrontation.

The CTO just sent this comic to the head of operations of my company :)

EDIT: sorry, guess I wasn't very clear what I meant to say.

It's not that we can't figure out HOW to show it to non-programmers, it's that we DON'T.

I have 50+ retweets of it in my feed - all programmers sharing with other programmers. Don't do that. Go post it somewhere where OTHERS will see it.

anyone who spends any amount of time working near programmers, or gives a shit about their programmer coworkers should get this. If not, give them a copy of "Flow" and PG's essay on makers and managers and enlighten them.

Also, be aware that flow applies to all your non programmer friends too. I usually have to train people to respect the signal of the headphones. The most common compromise I've struck is that we IM each other first and ask "are you in flow?" before diving in. It's acceptable culturally to say "yes-ping me in 1 hour." etc.

But maybe that's because I've been in tech for over a decade now and so many people trained me right. :)

Print it out and attach to a wall.

I just put it on facebook. Now awaiting a torrent of abuse :-)

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