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Nethax: An AJAX implementation of Nethack (big-ape.net)
48 points by ivank on June 17, 2009 | hide | past | web | favorite | 14 comments

Nice. I've been lurking quite a bit on rec.games.roguelike.development lately. I'm surprised more roguelike developers haven't started targetting javascript / web browsers. Still a lot of C / C++ and curses.

So, anyway, I've always wanted to make a roguelike so a couple weeks ago I started this:


I really need to refactor and start documenting the code soon, but I'm trying to get the basic game play done first. Right now the dungeon is 5 randomly generated floors that can be navigated with the arrow keys (or wasd), but no enemies yet.

(Oh, and the canvas stuff won't work in IE)

Doesn't work too well on chrome either.

In what way? I've heard that a couple times, but it's worked fine for me in chrome so I'm not sure what I'm looking for...

I was kind of hoping this was implemented as a port of the game to Javascript, but it seems that it works by running the game natively server-side, using AJAX to channel input/output to the browser.

Well there goes my lunch break. Day. Week. Godammit.

Seems slow (maybe it's busy), and also has the wrong (for me) keybindings, but I really respect the effort of actually doing it!

Very nice. Has anyone found a way to use the vi keys for movement?

404 on attempt to create account =(.

Broken pipe and the score went to /dev/null. Makes me want to pick a fight with a shopkeeper :)

Gosh this is awesome.

oh nethack, how i love thee.

Now just need an iphone friendly page...

can someone please explain how to play nethack?

Check out the Nethack Guidebook for a nice introduction to the game. While the AJAX version is novel, it's probably better to run a local copy of the game if you're just learning. Be warned, nethack is brutal (e.g. there's no saving) yet tons of fun and wildly addicting.


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