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I'm the baretorrent developer.

> This is an interesting space to watch. Over the years, we've seen the cycle happen half a dozen times

This is not specific to torrent clients. Feature-creep is common. Since this was posted to HN, there's been a couple of posts of the baretorrent forums (and I've received a few emails) about feature requests. Software does not necessarily get bloated because developers keep coming up with new ideas, it's mostly because every user wants something more.

Saying no pisses people off, but I'm hoping I can move most of the requests over to extensions.

> Then somebody starts offering enough ad money that maybe the idea of a tiny little banner ad isn't such a bad idea after all.

Don't worry, I'll tag the source just before that happens so someone sane can fork it.

[edit: also, I'm really sad that I didn't think of "scrunchyTorrent" before]

any plans on making it retina ready?

What happens to it on a retina display?

the text is blurry, much like a lot of the apps that hand't had retina support when the rMBP was released.

This is going to be hard to test, as I don't have the hardware, but I'll look it up. Thanks!

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