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Dirty little secret: most people aren't content creators, even for values of "content" such as discussion topic comments.

I think that's the point. While ~10% of computing devices are keyboarded, traditional machines,.. >>10% of content is created on them; which makes them hardly 'irrelevant'

I compose the large majority of my hacker news comments on my nexus 4 phone.

And what percentage of your total content creation output is that?

Well before I started posting code on github a few months ago, it was probably a pretty high percentage. But I see what you mean.

But 90% of content is made on them and is hardly changing anytime soon.

That's very true. And this is the very reason why tablets and smartphones are so popular - most people need only a screen with the Internet access to consume content, but those who produce the content will still need a bigger device.

I actually noticed this story on my phone during a movie break last night but waited to read it until I could get on my PC (running Ubuntu BTW) so I could read it more comfortably.

Further, I dislike the touch interface of phones. I may connect a mouse to it so I can see if it's more usable. Then I'd need a Bluetooth keyboard too of course. And since my older eyes strain a bit with the tiny screen I'll probably get a SlimPort so I can read the screen on my regular monitor. Wait! My phone is now a PC!!

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