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The Angel Investor Blog List (techvibes.com)
36 points by mikeyur on June 17, 2009 | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

I made a list of Tipjoy angel investors. It's actually a pretty awesome blogger list too. Add angels you know & admire: http://etherpad.com/ghtyLsk0a5

This list is filled with group blogs by no-name angels and angel groups, instead of blogs by well known angels. It's not a surprise that miscellaneous angel group blogs don't get a lot of feed love, but it's not an indication of low blogging activity by angels.

For example, they completely missed Dave McClure (1651 feedburner subscribers, 135,290 Alexa Rank) and Mark Cuban (44,839 Alexa).

The author also doesn't explain if he's compiling blogs FOR angels vs blogs ABOUT angel investing - it looks like he includes both.

Technically Dave is now a VC.

Kinda odd how lame that is compared to a list of top VC blogs. I guess the average angel investor tends to keep a low profile, whereas VCs (who have to raise money) tend to be more visible. Not really surprising.

If you announce that you're an angel investor, there's a 100% chance that people will take the opportunity to ask you for money.

You see that behavior quite a bit on this board. Even at AngelConf, which was supposed to be for current and aspiring angels to connect, there were a bunch of guys asking for money.

That aside, it looks like the list was compiled by Googling "angel blog". That's exactly the wrong way to go about it.

Theres still a strong trend in angel investing to remain quite and lay low. Thats changing with the new guard (sacca, lindzon, dave, etc) and its starting to trickle down to other parts of the country.

Soon enough I think people will see the benefits of being visible and having good deals come to you, like Fred and AVC....

The problem is that you have to filter out the 99.5% of non good deals, and most angels don't have the time/resources/interest to do that. (That's why they come to YC- pg does a lot of prescreening for them)

Besides, what's the likelihood you'd invest in a random person that comments on your blog? I'd trust that person only slightly more than I would a Nigerian scammer.

Given how important deal flow is to both Angels and VCs, and given that Angela invest in a FAR higher number of deals, why do angels keep such a low profile? Aren't they concerned that they'll miss out on hearing about deals because the founders can find or contact the angels?

probably because they don't want to be harassed in real life by people.

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