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Ruby bindings are here: https://rubygems.org/gems/whitedb

What has been done so far:

* Create a database

* Create a record

* Set field to a string

If you feel like testing it:

    require "whitedb"

    db = WhiteDB::Database.new("foo", 20000)
    rec1 = db.create_record(5)
    rec2 = db.create_record(4)
    5.times{|x| rec1.set_field(x, "Rec1 #{x}") }
    4.times{|x| rec2.set_field(x, "Rec2 #{x}") }
Then use the wgdb binary (`wgdb foo select 20`) to see your data in your database.

I'm still new to ruby C extensions so the API is quite ugly (no blocks yet, no error checks,...) and I'm currently adding features as I'm following the tutorial.

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