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What would improve the tone of discourse is if every time someone posted a GPL'd project, the thread didn't fill up with entitled jerks whining about the terms under which they've been offered free stuff.

Except that no free stuff has been offered. A GPLv3 license is the equivalent of saying, "Hey, look at this cool thing I made! Oh, you want to use it for anything other than GPLv3 projects? Well, you can't have it!"

Forget the intent of the GPLv3. The effect of the GPLv3 has been to damage and subvert free software, rather than promote it.

A GPLv3 license is saying that I will share what I created with you if you will share what you create with it with me on the same terms.

If you don't like those terms, you can write your own software from scratch. Nobody is under any obligation to give you anything on any terms at all.

I agree that it would be nice if people wouldn't spend so much time complaining that people create free software, with the request that if you use it you share your changes freely as well. I'm on your side about the actual underlying issue.

What I was requesting was that you don't use phrases like "what disgusting arrogance" and "entitled jerks whining" to make your point. You are unlikely to convince anyone with that kind of language; when people feel like they are attacked, they're a lot more likely to respond defensively than they are to be convinced by you.

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