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Stop Watching Us – Find a Viewing Party or Satellite Protest Near You (stopwatching.us)
36 points by zmanian on Oct 26, 2013 | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Funny how none of the PRISM companies support this initiative. However, say, Google's participation would highly increase the awareness of the cause. But all they came up with are copycat press releases to deny NSA revelations and a non-significant motion to allow for full FISA orders statistics be published (which was denied, incidentally).

Remember SOPA, when the NSA partner companies threw their weight in to stop it from happening?

Apparently SOPA was more of a cause to them than a movement bound to turn western society into of couple of police states.

The Washington DC rally stream will be live on the home page at this time also.

Thanks to Ustream.com and also Tintup.com which will be sponsoring a live event feed on the home page.

just heard about it 3 days again but to organize something in Austria, you usually need some weeks of preparation. Hopefully we can support you next year here in Austria as well.

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