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Tor is the lazy man's attempt at anonymity. I wouldn't trust it since it receives the majority of its funding from the US Government, and that government is the reason many are looking for anonymity.

For better anonymity, ditch your cell (tracking device) and use open wifi networks, with a fresh MAC address each time (you can't necessarily trust routers at $Coffee_Shop to not identify who you are).

If you think the government is one coherent entity with all of them wanting to become Big Brother, you are wrong. The fact that Tor gets its funding from the US government is irrelevant. The source code is out there for you to see and inspect and has been done so by many researchers from universities around the world.

Example: The NIST openly went against NSA.

The more people TOR use, the more secure it becomes. All attacks base on analyzing incoming and outgoing traffic or monitoring nodes which use outdated tor version. And why should be using "open wifi networks" more secure or anonymous? You don't know whos running them and who you can trust. With TOR you could still go over open wifi while having not (or much less) to worry about who may be sniffing on that wifi access point.

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